X-carve 2.0 shipping dates?

I know it’s marked to shipped by “late September” so I’m not overly concerned but I’m curious if anyone has heard anything yet? I ordered mine on the 1st day and I’m looking forward to my second X-Carve.

I’m super curious too.

nothing heard yet - ordered first day as well. I’ve got one client getting itchy for an actual carved production proof, other than that I can wait…

I have never heard of a X-crave. Is that something new?


Yep, looking forward to the notification as well, but as stated, there is still some time left in Sept, and that was the projected ship date, not necessarily the guaranteed date. Hopefully soon, as I just finished my work table for it, but I can wait a bit longer before getting too antsy. :slight_smile:

I just received an email from them asking when will they start shipping and they said, They will start shipping the x carve this week and you will receive an email soon.


Wow you went full on emailing them and everything. :slight_smile: I figured they would be getting close I was just curious. As long as they ship by Friday they will technically be on time. :slight_smile:

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When did you order @AlejandroP.Loquillan ?

I think a week after they release the announcement of the new x carve, bought the 1000 mm at first then cancel and finally decide to get the 750 mm plus the v carve desktop software.

Yes I did, hope we get it somewhere the first week of next month…Cheers!

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Captains Log: September 28th, 7:55 pm… Still no tracking number lol. I got guitars to make, I hope this thing ships soon!

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Just got off the phone with them and they said they started shipping today. Just depends on where you are in the order of first ordered first shipped.

I am super stoked to get mine!
Chomping at the bit! (OUCH)

I can come get it today if that gets it any faster… LoL

Is there a template for creating a 1000mm waste board?
Can I buy the inserts that go into it separately?

Yep, they are open source so you can get the files. Here is everything you need to know. https://inventables.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2059567-can-i-make-my-own-1000mm-waste-board-?b_id=9563

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I just got shipping info so everything is on its way!

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When did you order?

Day 1 before noon.

wish they would priorities out of country shipments first so that they get it quicker.

Just got my email. Ordered August 30. So YAY! :slight_smile:


I just got mine!