X-carve and Easel works fine!

For all the “you’ve got something wrong mechanically” folks, it’s just not so!

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Hi @JamesMitchell

I was wondering this and then thought, “what the hey, I’ll just ask him”…

Would it be possible for you to post all of these videos in a single thread? Especially the ones pertaining mainly to a single issue like the photo carving problems you’ve been having?

If not, then I am guessing you have a good reason for posting everything as a separate thread.

Here are a few reasons that I can think of for keeping them all in one thread:

  • everyone following along currently can track the one thread and help if they can and not miss something on a different thread
  • anyone coming to the forum can follow your journey in one single place
  • searching for solutions to the same issues would be easier if they were in one place
  • the forum would be a little more tidy

What do you think?

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I have been trying to tell you nothing is wrong with your machine.

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Allen, I am aware of that, it seems others aren’t so I wanted to put that to rest!

sketch42, really sounds like a good idea to me, now if I just knew how to do it!

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You may need the help of a forum admin for the gathering of previously created posts, but going forward, you would just pick one of the threads that are already made and then post to it.

To put another video on the thread, you would just paste the link into a reply just like you do when creating a thread combined with how you just replied to mine above.

well alrighty then, will give that a try going forward. You have to keep in mind, I am a rank amateur when it comes to all this stuff. I just have a burning desire to create things with my x-carve.

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I hear ya. Me too.

Just thinking of more ways to help and also improve an already great community resource.

Might I suggest this thread as the one you add to:

X-Carve photo carving