X Carve drills holes in 3 D projects why?

When running X Carve on cncj’s it inevitably always drills a hole in the long running project of 15-20 hours long. Does anyone know why or how to fix this. ? It is very frustrating to get to the of the project only to have a hole drilled into it. Why does Z do this ?

Is it due to the spindle attempting to return to work zero at the end of the carve? If so, it might be a post-processor setting that you need to change. What CAM software are you using?

I am using V Carve Pro. Vertic Carve Pro. Iv only produced one 20 + hour project with it not happening. What can I do about it. ? I execute V Carve Pro with cncj’s which is a great program, I like it. But this is very frustrating. Thank you for your help. Please let me know what I can do. Wes

What about sharing the last portion of the gcode, if the plunge is in the code then we can rule out machine anomalies.
A post processor issue, like @cg49me mention may be very likely.

If the machine stayed nice for 20hrs and only at the very end plunge, I dont think its due to mechanical issues. Or at least a less likely culprit.

I can do that. It has done this for a year when I started doing 3 D pictures. It can do it any time through the program and sometimes multiple times and never in the same area. You never know where it will be. But as I had said I recently pulled the very first finished project off a couple weeks ago. But it was the very first one with out a hole. I have a very nice one on there now that it drilled a hole into at the very end of it in the frame.

Okay, when it do plunge does it regain its correct Z position afterwards and continue on the right path, untill it plunge again?

If so mechanical reasons are not the case, but either a bug in the sender used or an issue with the post processor.

Yes. It continues on in same sequence with out any missed steps in the project. It just simply, ocassuonally drills a hole any where it feels like it, anywhere from one to theee if them it seams. Only once has it not done it. And then continues on as if nothing happened.

I understand, but can not explain…
Which post processor do you use? Feel free to post it here, maybe @LarryM can shed some info on the PP used?

I am using X Carve as my CNC and X Controler as the processor and V Carve Pro as my project set up soft ware and CNCj’s as my execution program. I can’t explain it either, however it is quite consistent in drilling holes in every project. I will try to share this as you requested. I have to figure that out, to do it, as I have not posted many things here on discuss. I greatly appreciate your help with this problem though.


You can use the Post Processor in this thread. Scroll down to the Post Processors.