X-carve keeps randomly stopping mid carve

I am having a weird issue where my x-carve will begin to run and seem to be working and operating fine but them randomly throughout the process it will just randomly stop and give me a screen that I’d assume is telling me the job is complete (I’m unsure because I’m attempting my first job) but it is not. This has happened with 3 separate try’s.

My setup is running from my 2020 MacBook Pro to a usb-c to usb connector and then machine usb to machine controller.

I appreciate your assistance in advance!

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You have been bothered with the achilles heel of GRBL-based CNC’s, the USB link.
Most likely picking up noise from somewhere in your system, interrupting the link which causes this behaviour. You can send Inventables a report of failure by clicking “No it wasnt successful”.

Read through this earlier post for more specific how-2’s