X-Carve Pro Drastic Price Change

Has anyone seen the drastic reduction in price of the X-Carve Pro models? This is my third machine I have purchased from Inventables and have always sang their praises, but I am a little ticked off the machine I bought 6 months ago is now selling for $3000 less…

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I guess they are having trouble moving them. That’s basically the price I paid for my 4x4 with the preorder pricing. :neutral_face:

It’s not like it’s an investment, in the sense that I expect to be able to resell it some day, but that kind of stinks.

Yeah I purchased one with the intent of growing my business and increasing my productivity and now am seeing I am at a loss if I intend to resell it later on when I grow out of it, huge bummer. I could have purchased 2 2x4s now for what I purchased my 4x4 for… Had I known the price would have dropped so drastically less than 6 months later, I would have gone that route.

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I really don’t have any “dog in this fight” so to speak, but the competition is pretty fierce these days for non industrial cnc machines. A search of Amazon or google will show you some of the competitors and their low prices. It’s supply and demand. Lots of choices out there. I’d be bummed too, but like a new car, it depreciates when you drive it off the lot.



Man I didn’t realize this. It’s pretty infuriating seeing this price drop having paid the same as you. Guess I should have held off.

Yeah I didnt realize this either until I was looking to potentially add a 2x4. At this point seeing how Inventables rewards its’ long term customers who sing their praises, I will be hoping over to laguna or axiom when its time to upgrade.

I do not have an X-Carve Pro either, but I would not go so far as to say that Inventables dropping the price on their machines is how they “reward [their] long term customers who sing their praises” if I did.

Everyone makes their own decisions about when to purchase a machine. Yes, it can be frustrating to see something at a lower price shortly after purchasing that item, but moving to a different manufacturer due to this might be a little harsh. It would be like never eating your favorite hot dog again because you bought a pack the day before a big sale.

Maybe we can look at it positively…? I have know idea what has/has not occurred, but it could be something great like Inventables nailed down competitive manufacturing with another or more than one company/supplier.

Maybe this will allow more people to purchase the X-Carve Pro… :slight_smile:


Brandon R. Parker


I’ve been thinking about buying an XCarve Pro, and one thing I noticed is that this -reduced priced- xCarve Pro does not include the 3 yr Easel (which I am not a fan of, I use VCarve and always hesitated to pay for something I wasn’t going to use) and a couple other clamps, router bits, and stuff. It’s kind of buying a car, it will depreciate the moment it leaves the dealer.

yea I am really ticked off over this when I bought my 4x4 machine the pro (the one I wanted) was 10k so I bought mine for 5k. Well now I am trying to sell mine and the one I have is 1400 so now I will be taking a 5k loss. thanks

I have bought 4 machines from inventables. 3 xcarves and an xcarve pro 4x4. I am also upset over the drastic price drop. But I didn’t just buy the machines, I got top notch customer service with every purchase. I’m not sure I can put a price tag on that ! If I had known they were going to drop the price, I would have waited and bought two of them. But it is what it is and I hope they ( inventables ) keeps doing what there doing.

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John fischer

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I too preordered mine (and waited a year to receive it). But I also understand market forces. No one - NO ONE - lowers their prices unless the market forces them to do so. Inventables lowering their prices is not in intentional move to punish current users. They must remain competitive in this space, and as already noted, this space gets more competitive by the month.

We all made the decision to buy our machines based on our own criterion, and a price increase or decrease does not change that. If anything, consider the fact that if you are using your machine for business and your business grows to the point of needing to add another machine, you can now do so sooner than you otherwise would have been able.

Be careful out there, and keep up the good work!

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Buying things is a crap shoot.

This has been some of my machine experience for the last 3 decades…not a complaint, just sharing. I build guitars.

I bought a ROSS abrasive drum sander to sand acoustic guitar plates…Bought New as advertised in FW magazine. Ross used a gum rubber conveyor that had to be replaced when UV hardened it. $100 dollars per replacement. Ross went out of business.

I purchased a Ryobi abrasive Drum sander to replace it. This sander is no longer manufactured.

I purchased a Delta Abrasive drum sander to replace the Ryobi.

That machine is obsolete and parts unavailable. I replaced that with my current machine a Jet and am hoping for the best.

CNC wise, I started out with a home build.

I bought the Shapeoko2 kit, which wasn’t accurate enough for my work.

I spent 4000 dollars on a PCNCInnovations Cnc, advertised on the CNCzone. It was. poorly designed and the company disappeared. I was one of the lucky ones to actually get the machine. Google them if you like.

The PCNC went into mothballs. The PCNC innovations was replaced with a K2, a solidly built and emerging brand.

K2 got sold to Veloxx. Veloxx went belly up.

I upgraded my Shapeoko2 to current x carve specs. That has been the most reliable of all my cnc’s.

I’m just a hobbiest. I have no deductible business expenses. These machines have helped me and that has value too.

As much as I’m saddened by the financial losses of my purchases, I’m happy to have been able to have the opportunity to use those machines and gain knowledge. The knowledge is worth more than the purchase price.

The technology will change and like most stuff, it becomes cheaper as time goes on. Remember when a Texas Instruments computer was 100 dollars and their calculator was more?


I’m afraid with any new technology you’re going to pay a premium for being an early adopter. As somebody who has been buying different kinds of gear for more than 40 years, and in many cases trying to stay on the bleeding edge, I’ve spent top dollar for plenty of stuff that wound up being landfilled or parted out not much later. The equipment is frequently just an expense item with very rapid depreciation. If you’re lucky, you can use it to make you a bunch of money before it’s obsolete. And unless it’s something like a Bridgeport milling machine, it’ll always become obsolete. And faster than you want it to.

Waiting is good if you can swing it. This is coming from a guy who has more than three grand in his upgraded X-Carve. Blame the marketplace, not Inventables. They’re just responding to market forces.

As my brother likes to say, you can always get more money, but you can’t get more time.

I think everyone has a valid point about this all, except for those saying it was because they found a better way of manufacturing and passed the savings to the consumer, that is not how economics works unless there is a reason the price is driven down i.e. demand.

I did buy this machine as an investment, as in an investment in my business, thats the only way a tool can actually be seen as an investment without being a rare antique that could accrue value, and spending so much more than what it costs now less than 6 months ago is what had me so upset to discover.

I’ve had three machines from them in the past 6 years; two 1000mm xcarves and now this xcarve pro. They are GREAT machines and I will stand behind that as someone who has grown a business because of their product, but lowering the price to only 2k more than the 1000mm should be a red flag for most consumers. I say that because for those of you who have spent the time putting together a 1000mm X-Carve know, the machine is only as good as the person building it, there is a LOT of tweaking that has to be done with them. The PRO is no joke, it is a far superior machine in every way, especially the rigidity, but lowering the price that much has to make someone beg the question “Why?”. I am sure it is because they werent coming close to selling as many of them at the higher price point and not because of the actual quality of the machine, so why did the sales rep I asked about the price reduction offer me this as the answer:

"Yes, we have recently been able to update the pricing for our X-Carve Pro 4x4. Since the initial launch of the XCP 4x4 our team has worked tirelessly with our manufacturing partner and suppliers to alleviate significant supply chain disruptions and counteract skyrocketing component prices.
Inventables is now beginning to see the benefits of its supply chain optimization and offer the same high-quality product at a lower price point for its customers."

C’mon, really? What auto response did that get that one from? They went to the pre-order price after charging people $4K more for the same machine for years.

Trust me, I get it, I sound like I am complaining for no reason other than I am mad I should have held out longer for the price to drop. I am just more upset because I knew my budget for a new machine, love the pro, but if I had known I could have gotten two 2x4 Pros for what I paid for one 4x4 I would have gone that route…

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I bought mine during covid. They said it was more expensive then. The parts were scarce and had to air freight them in.

Hello, love the machine but my timing was extremely bad and now I will take a $5000 hit having to sell it after only one year ! regret the purchase and shame on the company for punishing the very buyers that trusted them during their start-up.

I’ve had my XCP 4x2 for more than two years, and use it all the time.

I have no regrets.