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X-Carve Pro Dust Collection

I am trying to set up some dust collection in my shop. Does anybody have any pictures or fittings that they used to go from a 4" thin wall pvc to x carve pro dust hose?

I know this is not a picture, but may save you some trouble. I tried going from 4" to 1.75", but the suction was terrible. I found a $40 shop vac and a 5 gal separator under the XC table worked far better than my big dust collection system being strained down to that small of an opening. My 2 cents, your mileage may vary.

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Ya that’s probably a good idea. I have a shop vac and the table will be big enough to fit a shop vac under it so that may be what I do. I have a wall mound dust collector that will be almost directly over the x carve pro so thats why I figured it would be better than a shop vac but I am learning that nothing is standard in dust collection so I have no idea how to get it down to the correct size.

If you have a 3D printer, or know someone who has one, I highly recommend this customizable adapter which works really well. You can customize it right online, which is convenient, though I have OpenSCAD on my computer.

I’ve printed one for almost every tool in my shop. The smaller stuff I print to work with a 2.5" hose (I use a 4"-to-dual-2.5" adapter I designed, but you can find similar ones online). The larger stuff I just directly connect to my 4" line.


I was able to convert mine to a 4” with no problems. I will post a picture tonight when I get home and provide a link to the part I bought from rockler.

That would be great. Thanks.

Here’s some photos

You have to remove the top bracket for the original dust collection.

Also you need to use the offset adapter from rockler, if not you need to add spacers to the back of the dust shoe. The only problem with that it does not make the spindle in the center.

Link below

How does that affect the motors for the axis? Are you doing anything strange due to the extra weight and limited length? Or did you use an extended house to give you some movement?

Great question, I am not seeing anything funky but my dust collection comes from the top down so there’s no more additional weight or strain on it. I ditched the arm that was being used for the original set up.