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X-Carve Pros Start Shipping!

X-Carve Pros Start Shipping!

After years of research and development, the first batch of X-Carve Pros are shipping this week!

Members of the Inventables’ Hardware and Ops teams are at our distribution facility in Tennessee inspecting the first X-Carve Pro’s going out.

Those who have previously ordered an XCP should have received an email on when their specific unit will ship. We’ll update folks if anything changes from the latest estimates we sent. Please email for any questions regarding your order.

Orders placed today are estimated to ship by August 2021.


I want to make furniture and work with wood. A hobby that I would like to make a living at but need to be realistic. I never intend to cut metal.

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Check out our standard X-Carve!


Wouldn’t this thread work better under the X-Carve Pro category? I usually scroll all the way down to check for updates there, I just happened to see this thread today.

@ZackNeese They are definitely shipping, mine is set up and running now. Hopefully you are high in the queue.



What would you like to know?

Just your impressions.


Overall I am happy with it. Everything is considerably more robust than the original X-Carve (as it should be).

Everything is packaged really well. Early shipments experienced some supply constraints, so clamps and the z-probe came in a separate package. It is my understanding that this will not be the case in the future. Supply constraints also meant that my unit shipped with the original spoil board, but I will be getting one with t-tracks in the future.

The tool kit felt a little cheaped out on, but I found myself using my own tool kit for a lot of things. I am going to keep the 17mm and 22mm open end wrenches at my workbench for the spindle, but everything else is going to be in my tool cabinet for the occasional PM.

Speaking of PM, there is a really nice detail where all lube points are marked clearly on the machine. Greasing the bearings shouldn’t be a problem as all grease points are easily accessible.

With the 25mm ball screws, unloaded movements are louder as expected. The machine has 4 homing switches, 1 for y1, 1 for y2, 1 for x, and 1 for z. The homing switches on y1 and y2 square the machine before you use it, which was a constant issue I had with the original X-Carve.

The surfacing bit that was included is an Amana 45525 1-1/8" carbide tipped board. It took about 27 minutes to surface the entire spoil board, but surfaces all the way to the front and to the back to allow tiling.

Having the spindle run off a VFD to where it turns on and off automatically with the carve is really nice. I don’t want to go back to using a router as a spindle.

I am adding curly cord wrap to the cables for the HMI. A USB and RJ45 run from the HMI to the control cabinet and I just want them to be kept neatly.

The control cabinet has threaded holes on the bottom, but does not have feet. I will be adding actual feet to the cabinet.


What size table and height did you build for it ?

What size table

@FrankGJuzna 67" wide x 60" deep x 33" tall. It is of note that Inventables recommends a 6’x6’ surface, but in order to do that it would take 4 sheets of plywood. I opted for a more optimized size and was able to get the surfaces out of 2 sheets.

Also, make sure there is ~8" from the back of the machine to the wall. The gantry has an offset in it and there is a motor plug that sticks out the back of the machine that would be smashed.

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It should be in the X-Carve Pro category now, are you seeing it in the general X-Carve?

Thanks for posting your initial thoughts about the machine. Great points on the worktable size and how your modified design only needs 2 sheets of plywood vs 4!

Can you give a quick review? I’ve researched this for months and am on the razors edge of pulling the trigger.

Edit- nmd! Should have kept reading! Thanks!!

@Nobu No problem! This is just some first impressions in the first week. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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To clarify, this is a general timeline and not related to your specific order number. I talked with support yesterday and they confirmed that this is window for delivery based on batches of units.

Anyway you can possibly give more specs on the table?

I just received my XCP today, and am assembling it on the floor until I do a table.

I am curious about your specific dimensions for your table (top 2 pieces WxL specifically)

@TCarter I can caution you anything, don’t assemble it on the floor. This thing weighs over 300 lbs.

Attached is a file for the workbench I built. In order to make it out of 2 sheets of plywood instead of 4 I split the tops into 4 sections instead of the 2 that are shown in the plans.

X-Carve Pro Workbench.pdf (103.7 KB)

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I’ve noticed how heavy it is. lol.

Out of curiosity, which software did you use to design your workbench? with the cutouts/plans?