X-Carve swivel knife modification - Cutting stencils

I think the cameo is the PERFECT accessory to the xcarve. When it comes to finishing or painting, I am constantly cutting templates to cover everything but text for painting. I can grab the outside edge in vcarve of a text object, and export as dxf… Directly into the Silouette software. Check scale to match, and you have a perfect template for painting…

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I haven’t tried importing a DXF into Silhouette. Hmmm… Thanks for the tip!

For checking the scale, do you just draw say a 10" line and if it measures 10", you know you’re at 1:1 or adjust accordingly?

In vcarve you can check the size of an object… Let’s say it is 9.5 inches wide In Silouette, just resize using maintain aspect to the right width or height…

@DavidBurger, do you have the original print file for that extension arm that holds the cutter in front of the spindle?

Yes. I’ve uploaded it to Thingiverse at:



How small a radius can the cricut cutter on the x-carve cut out of vinyl or the like? @DavidBurger I like you work and appreciate your posting it on here for us all to learn from.

I can’t give you a quantitative answer for a radius, but I can show you a comparison between a stencil cut with the Cricut on my X-Carve and a laser cut (see photo below). If you look carefully you’ll see that the laser-cut stencil (right) has sharper corners and straighter lines. Each page is 12" wide. The JTech laser installs easily and isn’t so dependent on a perfectly level bed. I’ve since given up trying to cut stencils with a swivel knife and do all my cutting with the laser now.


Just an FYI, DO NOT cut VINYL with the laser. It will release toxins that can not only destroy your laser but can kill you with ease.

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Excellent point! All my stencils are cut from freezer paper.

Can someone please make a video of this paper / vinyl cutting solutions? I need to cut packages (like heavy paper cardboard).


Got my eye on the Silhouette CAMEO 2 for cutting vinyl masks for light sandblasting on acrylics - done any of that? Can any cheap sign making adhesive back vinyl work on the Cameo or you gotta buy theres?? --Can an thing that i drawing line illustrations in illustrator work saved to a svg? Hows it with holding small details? Thank You very much for any experience you can share

My research indicates that he Cricut Air Gold Edition and Cricut Air 2 are better than the Cameo. While Cricut recommends that you use their supplies, I have found out that they are not required.

I have the Cricut Air and it works really well. I have used several off brand adhesive vinyls and they work just fine. I find that the pre-cut 12x12 squares are a lot easier to deal with than trying to flatten out the rolls. Both Michaels and Hobby Lobby have sales on the machines, material and tools every couple of months.

You should be able to use any kind sign vinyl with a Silhouette CAMEO 2 or a Cricut Air 2, I just got a Cricut Explore Air 2 and have use many types all the way from contact paper to Oracal 651 with no problems. Just watch a bunch of Yoytube videos before you make your machine choice

All vinyl should work on the hobby cutters. The issue I have with the new Cricut machines is that you have to subscribe to their online software to use your own designs. If for any reason they stop or you no longer want to use them, your machine can only be used with the cartridges and your designs are no longer available.
There are plenty of small hobby cutters that allow you to use your own software or their own software but able to import your own designs without issue.
Just my 2 cents worth.

So…like Easel?

Most of the vinyl cutters import images only. They do not use gcode that would be produced from Easel. If you made a DIY system using an arduino and gshield, Easel could work. There are some design considerations and software computations when using a cut knife.

@ErikJenkins just like Easel, it cost nothing and there lots of free templates and designs to use, I use Inkscape for my design work and then just import it just like Easel

Unless they changed it recently, you can upload and edit your own images. The subscription gives you access to most of their library of images and fonts as well as discounts on material and accessories. I remember using my own images before I decided to get the subscription.

It has also been mentioned that Circut is working on a desk top version of there software so you won’t be tied to the internet