X-Carve swivel knife modification - Cutting stencils

@MechanicalGoose You are still at their mercy of using an online service for software. No third party software will work with it. They sued a couple of companies that made software to use on their equipment and then changed the firmware to no longer work with the offending software.

@GlennMDutcher This rumor has been around for a long time. The did have stand alone software once upon a time but it is no longer usable on the new systems.

@HalfNormal True. Interesting. I wasn’t aware of that back story.

Google Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot and Makes the Cut software. Cricut lost a lot of customers due to their lawsuit.

what I’ve seen so far i like the Silhouette CAMEO 3 - no Cloud BS for the app and can cut up to a 12" x 10’ vinyl mask - Thinking about ordering it today unless someone can let me know the cons - I’ve searched for some and didn’t find one! You do have to upgrade to the Designer suite app for 25 bucks so it can import .svg

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Changed mind after a few more chats and youtube - ordered Cricut Explore Air 2 - better built a - each one has its own cons and pros…

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Very nice

I’ve been wanting something as it seems cheaper than a nice drag knife and finding software to make it work on the x-carve. :laughing:

That will take SVG files?

Yes, it will take SVG files

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Here is a great quick comparison of the available die cut machines.

That is why you should have an exhaust for your laser cutter…

Hey all,

I have a Silhouette Cameo 2 and it is a great machine for making all sorts of vinyl related projects. Mostly I have been using mine to cut stencils I use to hand carve with a palm router. I can transfer the stencil to wood with spray paint and then use the router to carve. The biggest limitation with the Cameo is that the width is limited to 12”. You can take one image and cut it into multiple, cut them on the machine, and then piece them back together if you have something larger than 12” wide but this can be a big challenge especially if the image is very detailed.

I don’t have a xcarve yet but plan to within the next few months and would love to be able to use the Cameo cutter head on the xcarve to cut larger vinyl stencils. I was wondering since this tread is over a year old have there been any designs out lately that would allow the xcarve hold the Silhouette Cameo blade?

This is for the Cricut but would it work or the Cameo too?