X-Carve Workspace Showcase

The 1000mm xcarve is 3 feet… Ish. So he makes his tables about 2 feet 11 inches. And he is about 5 foot 10… If my midnight math is guesstimating correctly.

In US measurements then, 36.8 inches for the benchtop, 6’ 3" for me :slight_smile:

Yay for metric!! Fight the man! Although you probably don’t have to since I’m assuming you live in a metric country. Not like Canada where we are too polite to say no to the US and continue using both!

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Unless I’m from the US or Burma, then it’s a metric country :wink:
It’s Australia by the way.

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I’m in US, but for presize measurement, I always use metric as well. No fail. All straight math. Ones, tens and hundereds.

I’ve been busy with other life tasks lately, but I did snap a few photos of my stand once I reached a decent stopping point. I’ve added one of the two missing doors on the left side that swings up to act as a keyboard shelf. the rear section on the left will be for a dedicated shop vac for the DWP611 when I get that running with a dust shoe.
The stand is the standard I’ve established in my shop for fixtures: 4 box jointed posts of birch ply with a birch frame. cedar trim where applicable, such as around the table top, around the drawers, etc.

The top is a MDF torsion box, with a cork cover to reduce resonances, X-Carve is attached with L-brackets , and I added some 1/4" hardboard/masonite shields for the Y rails that are attached via 3 bolts to the maker slide.

Base has a rack for the controller, power supplies, PC, and any other rackmount equipment I’ll be using (there’s a receiver in there for eventually wiring up the shop sound system). Since I’m in a small shop the drawers hold all the bits and tools as well as other things like fasteners that I used to store in this part of the shop.

I tried to upload some more photos but it’s being a bit touchy right now


I had considered doing this to my x-carve but since I’ve the dust shoe now, it has eliminated the need for these!

Looks great! One of the cleanest looking rail protectors I’ve seen, might have to get this a go.

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I have found with my dust shoe, sometimes it gets clogged. And still throws dust before I can get it cleaned.

thanks, the downside to using hardboard is that the corners break easily, but since it’s so cheap I can easily replace it. Now I need to come up with more projects to use the x-carve on.

How are the rails attached?

which rails are you referring to? the whole machine is attached to the bench with 4 of these while the dust shields are attached to the upper slot of the makerslide by 3 post-assembly insertion nuts and some 8mm (I think) pan head screws. the bottom of the hard board just hangs down and rests on the extrusions that support the waste board. I’d have to go back out and measure but I either used 1/4" or 1/8" hardboard and cut it so that the X rails would have approximately 5mm of clearance down the length of the Y rails. I’ll try to do the photo thing again tonight.

That’s what I was asking. Thanks. I didn’t even think of using insertion nuts, great idea. This is probably my next project. (It will look WAY better than my cardboard and masking tape :slight_smile: ).

I finally managed to get around to snapping a couple photos showing the outside of the dust shields. They certainly work, but are not as effective as a dust shoe for sure. I used a drill press with a fence to drill the holes so that they are in line and help keep the y rails the same height front to back.

I replaced the locking struts from a big box store for the keyboard shelf with a couple 100n pneumatic supports, they work so much better.


Is that cork on the top of your table? Does it help deaden the noise? Looks great!

it is cork, I can’t say for sure that it reduces noise but with how flat and smooth the MDF the torsion box is, I needed it to keep the darn thing on the table. Having run it without the cork on a different surface, I’m guessing it probably does only minimal sound dampening, but it is only 1/16" thick. Most of my resonance limitation comes from having a stable mounting surface (the cork and torsion box combined) to sink the vibration into mass with the heavy top and 3/4 ply base. I can say with certainty that I don’t get any real resonances from the table, but my stock 300W spindle is still noisy. I just wanted something inexpensive, attractive, uniform, grippy and resists easy compression to put down and a couple rolls of cork from the craft store worked perfectly.


Awesome! Might have to incorporate this in to the new table I’m strongly considering building!

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Looking to purchase a X-carve soon. I am currently building my shop and would like to know what size workbench I should build for the 1000mm X-carve.

A minimum of 1000X1000 :smile:


Thank you captain obvious… lol