X-Carve Workspace Showcase

<3 omg so slick!

@SteveCarmichael - I was wondering why you had cut the inside bottoms of the front legs that way, since in the static pictures I could not see that the bolt would hit it otherwise. So at least now with the gif I can see why you did that. Interesting way to save some space. Nice design.

This is hella cool, man! Please keep us posted on how the machine does in the long-run as far as staying calibrated with all of this movement. I’m working with limited space, so something like this may end up being an option for me.

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Great Job Steve!

@SteveCarmichael you are my hero


Ok, my setup isn’t as cool as some of those I see here, (@SteveCarmichael that is so cool) but its heavy and will fit my 1000mm x 610mm X-Carve perfectly, just as soon as the parts come in :wink:

There is a lot of electronics/mechanical/military surplus here in San Diego so I generally try to recycle and reuse as much as I can. The table top is a surplus Melles Griot optical bench and it weighs about 90 lbs by itself. The holes on the top are all 1/4-20 and will come in handy I’m sure.

The table was in fairly rough shape when I got it and I still have some finishing work to do on it. I spent some time sanding, cleaning, and priming the top. I still need to finish sanding and then a final coat of black to finish it up.


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The power supply/arduino/gshield is gonna look awfully puny in that electrical panel. you’ll need to add some nonsensical lights and doodads to impress the ladies!


ladies do love the doodads!

Impressive @SteveCarmichael . Can you make me one?

That won’t be a problem @JkWestphal, I’m not using the gshield, or an arduino for that matter. I used a more industrial approach: a 6-axis breakout board, 3 stepper motor drivers, a large heatsink to mount the stepper drivers on, and a power supply. When everything gets install in the cabinet, it will be full enough :wink: All of this connects via a parallel port to a computer running LinuxCNC…

Here’s my set up. A small area in my garage that already had plenty of things there. Decided to build a bench over my existing trolleys.

The X-Carve is sitting next to my BlackTooth Laser Cutter. Have been using Fusion360 to drive my Laser for 6 months now. The learning curve to move to 2.5D milling is quite steep but fascinating!


Nice setup @AndrewGemmell

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Very nice setup @AndrewGemmell. I like that everything is on wheels and tucks away under the bench. Very clean! I am curious though, what are the arcade buttons for, just below the monitor.


pac man while the machine is running?


Thanks for the compliments guys.

I built the arcade buttons and joystick set-up and interfaced to Mach 3 via an Arduino to provide more tactile control of the Laser. Allows control of homing, zeroing of axes, increase/decrease of power and feed rates. I suppose I could use it to play Pac-Man :smile:

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You could load MAME on that computer and have the best of both worlds :smile:

And I can fire a real Laser! :space_invader: :gun: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have mad jealousy for that fold up table.

I finished the wiring on mine over the weekend and got it moving today. The wiring took forever as everything was colour coded with coloured sleaving and heat shrink and I used the 4 pin screw in connectors which were a pain to solder. The pins are so close together on them and you can strip too much shielding on them, it was difficult to get the wires in position and held there with just two hands. I ran the wires to terminal blocks in my electronics cabinet so it would be easy to switch out controllers if needed/wanted. I still need to deal with some wire management and zap straps but I will deal with that later. I just wanted to get it running.


Neat job @JeffSyrja, you’ll be glad you did it that way in the future.

seriously considering building an enclosure for mine and moving it inside to my basement. to stinking hot out in the garage! noise is a big concern as is dust. not sure how well it would work out but would be nice to have it accessible year round