X-Carve Workspace Showcase

Sorry for the late reply - I haven’t been around much (which is a bummer, because I love hanging out over here!)

The actual table top portion that I made was 3’-6 1/2" x 3’-6 1/2" and then has an edge made of 1x’s. However, that was before the X-controller, so I would probably make it slightly wider in one direction to accomodate the controller and the extra spoilboard for the controller.

If I didn’t attach it above, I’ve attached an exploded view that has dimensions on it, if that helps!CNC Table Exploded.pdf (368.7 KB)

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No problem on the delay. I figure I still have about a week or two before I even order mine, I want to make sure I’ve got everything ready in the garage so I can assemble and play as soon as it gets in. The file definitely helps. Thanks a ton!

I forgot to post pics of the finished door on the 1500x1000 machine, so here it is.

This giant vertically sliding door is counter weighted with a couple garage door springs so I can lift it with one hand. it locks in place with a single bolt. I’ve also recently mounted my Festool dust collector inside the box, and routed the hoses through the top to a Dust Deputy attached to a 20 gallon yellow tub.

This weird arrangement was necessary because the room is only 10’x12’ and I have another large workbench off to the right in these photos, so there’s no room for swinging doors. This seemed like the simplest solution. It’s largely MacGyvered together, but at least it’s functional. :slight_smile:



I’m late to the party on this thread, but my X-Carve paid for…another X-Carve…


Finally got a start on my work bench for the 1000mm. Just have to make the torsion box top , drawers, doors and casters or adjustable feet. 2 x 1160x 550 units back to back . Going to screw them together and screw the top to it


I am nearing completion of framing my enclosure. I’m building this on the fly with lots of scraps to empty my cutoff bins. It was inspired by Winston Moy’s recent enclosure video, then overbuilt as I am wont to do. I just need to finish the cabinet doors. The 1 1/2 inch wall cavities are packed with drywall and foam for extra mass.


Still have to add drawers to it, 1 half will be drawers and the other half open space.
Also need to clean out the garage so I can actually use the thing!!


I like the kid storage areas, for when they start getting in the way. :smile:

Judge Dredd pinball machine, for those long carves? I approve! :smile:


Yeah just have to make sure she still isn’t in there when I put the drawers in.
Pin got moved from my study to the garage as it was too loud and would wake bubs up so did’t get to play it much. Now it’s in the garage where I can’t get to it so even less play. Hopefully I can reorganise everything and get the pin against a wall with room for a couple more. :smiley:

Pin in the garage is not a bad idea. One should really stay nearby the machine while it’s running a carve. I have a nasty habit of heading upstairs and watching it on a video monitor. Takes me 10-20 seconds to respond when something happens.

We only had one day to get this table build done.

Still need to add drawers and cabinet doors and some general cleanup. But at least we have our old build table back now

It is a full 4 feet x 8 feet


Looks great! Where did you get your vacuum hose hangar?

Part of the dust collection kit from inventables.


That looks great., a nice clean setup.

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Had a re-thimk about my bench. Went from this

To this.

Think I went a bit high tho. I can’t reack the far back corner :confused:
Still have to square it off and nail/glue it together

I just ordered one of these.

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That looks interesting. Maybe you can post some performance info when you get it up and running.

I will when I get it along with a review of the new Suckit for the CNC newbie mounts.

love to work in workshop like this

Parking it in a corner might be counter productive. I’ve fed long pieces of board through the machine for carving.