X controller ship date

Congrats on releasing this upgraded kit. I think the intermediate size option is great and the addition of the side board is fantastic, i’m actually incredibly excited about that addition. Offering the upgrade kit to current owners is also a fantastic move and incredibly well priced for what it includes.

Great work as always, I know a few friends of mine will be ordering the upgraded kit in the near future :thumbsup:

It feels like there’s stuff missing from the upgrade kit. Shouldn’t the wiring harness be replaced since the X-Controller controls both Y motors directly? Also the touch probe seems to plug into a socket on the gantry which we don’t have - will we have to disassemble and drill the gantry? There were pictures of plug in connectors all around in the video - what about those? Also what about a kit to replace the V wheel hardware with the new eccentric spacers? It looks like the drag chain mounting has been reworked - that was something I was having problems with and would like to upgrade to the new rev.

I’ve already got the X-Controller (was in the early batch) and don’t care about the side board to attach it to, it was the other stuff I’m looking to get.

I don’t know I have had my xcarve for about 3-4 months and I have spent more time and money in upgrading the machine so I can do proper cuts. I wanted the xcontroller I couldn’t afford the extra 300 expense at the time and now you guys are giving them with the new one. I have ended up using my other machine more often than the xcarve I enjoy using it when it works properly. I think 400 is kind of pricey for an upgrade kit but that’s just my opinion

Xcontroller by itself is $329. It’s an option to purchase by itself as it has been for awhile. The new Xcarve shows the Xcontroller as adding $329 to the package so it’s not being “given”, it’s just the only option for electronics/motion control. I purchased my Xcarve in June and just chose no electronics/motion kit as part of the Xcarve order and then also ordered the Xcontroller separately.


Hmm if I waited let’s another 5 months to get it I would have gotten an xcontroller for the same price that I bought my original machine at. So yea it’s being given in a technical aspects

even though i just bought my machine weeks ago, i still bought the new x controller and i don’t blame them for releasing new and better components for basicly the same price. i applaud them for it!!
way to go inventables!!!

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I’ve been away from the forum for a while dealing with life, but I come back and see the upgrade kit. I’m excited by it, but before I jump in and order it, how much of a backlog are we looking at for orders? Is the issue with the X-controller quality control sorted out yet? The order page says the upgrade kit is expected to start shipping in late September, but how realistic is that, and how far down the list would I be if I ordered today? What about if I just order the wide makerslide, which is the most important piece for me at this point? I don’t want to jump in with unrealistic expectations of when these things might show up.

I ordered mine last weekend before even going through this thread so I guess at this point I’ve just accepted the fact I’m at the bottom of a long list waiting for a new batch shipment. “Late September” is kind of already here so I agree; I wouldn’t mind some updates on order status and likelihood of shipping in the next week (or a better ETA), but as an engineer I completely understand supply chain issues out of a company’s control… I’m just gunna be happy once this thing arrives so I can stop going over my buddy’s house to use his.

Yes, updates would be nice!

I got my ship notification and tracking number yesterday, so, they are in process of sending them out.!!

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Was it the X-Controller shipping notification? Because a lot of us that order both have gotten the Markerslide, but you are the first that has said the X-Controller.

X controller, I have had the rest of my machine since May, just waiting on the x controller so that should be what is in the box they shipped.


Still waiting on my x controller to ship… hopefully it will soon

Those of us that got the email surprise, is the upgrade kit being sent with the X controller or separate. Just curious.

Mine shipped yesterday and both the x-controller and upgrade have been sent.

May I ask what day you ordered it originally. Just curious where they are at in the “first come , first served” list.

No problem, mine was ordered May 29th.

May 11 - no word yet on mine…

June 5th and I had a surprise on my front porch today without an email sent.

I was May 22, no word. I saw in another post that people are receiving them without an email notification.