X-Controller with touch Probe, Touch Probe not accurate

Was milling some pine wood pieces (Pocket hole) This is the first project I’ve done since installing the X-controller upgrade. Designed my piece in V-Carve pro. When I go to cut the .125 in pocket I have the mill set up to cut a .0625 in per pass.
I import thru Easel and do the homeing and touch probe. When I start carving the mill plunges to .64 and cuts from there.

If I manually set up the Z-Axis zero it does fine.

Is there some where I should be setting the height of the touch plate?

Try this …

Went and looked at this but there is no Advanced tab as indicated.

V-Carve is not the issue. Manual Z-Axis setting works fine with both Imported G-code and a direct Easel file . This is a setting issue with the Touch Probe. I can’t find the Advanced settings for the probe. And if I’m supposed to change anything in Machine inspector I will need to research it first.

Hi Lane,

Sorry, had company … … You need to go thru the tab titled “Machine” -(IN EASEL) then “Set up Machine” - run through the set up until you get to this screen…

Hit Yes, and then go to “advanced settings” (after attaching your probe)

Measure your plate and input the appropriate height… mine was off by a good .02"

OK, Thanks will try tomorrow evening.