X y and z ok but carves mirrored

hi im new to cnc have a 3018 pro my x,y and z axis are working the right way,when i do the test pattern it shows it the right way on the computer screen but when it carves its mirrored so upside down and back to front, any help greatful

Can you share your $3 grbl setting?

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ok so being rather silly where do i go to get that up


I don’t know anything about the 3018 but have seen it discussed in this forum before. Here is an old forum that discussed the problem you’re having and what setting $3 should be. If you are still having trouble @NeilFerreri1 will help get you going.
Good Luck

Change that to 2


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changed it as you said now the x axis goes the wrong way

I thought you said both were backwards…


No they go the right way when you jog them , picture on screen is all correct but when it does the carving then it’s mirrored so back to front and upside down

They do now? Or before you changed $3?


I am new with this, my carving is allso mirrored on 2 axes and i read about the $3 command. but… where can i change this $3 command in Easel ??

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In machine inspector the current grbl settings are shown and manual commands can be entered :+1:

thxs, wiil try out