X,Y,Z axis moving in opposite direction

Running Sierra 10.12 on MacBook Pro.

Homing does not work.

Getting “air carving” in test try.

All wiring is per instructions. Is it the Browser or OS that is inverting the direction?

I did the calibration. Then did the test with EASEL to determine direction.

I just reversed the Green and Black. All seems to be going the correct direction even though the wiring on the instructions clearly states: Red, White, Green, Black (left to right) for the Z axis.

Mine is now Red, White, Black, Green. Getting ready to press carve again.

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Well, that did the trick. Hoping that it stays this way when I close and reopen EASEL!.

Most people wire the motor per directions.

There is a software parameter that will switch the direction if your motors run the wrong way.

Either fix works and it’s a matter of preference which one you use.

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Hmm. Will have another look when I get back out there tomorrow.

The X and Y are working fine (different computer.) The Z was inverted in the directions. So I did rewire, swapping green and black (ala the Y2-axis.) That worked.

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Ned Help have run Machine Set up X Y Z run in wright direction,but when i try to carve in Pic Sender or USG it switches back the opposite direction , but if I stay in Easel and carve they stay in the wright direction. This all started a couple of weeks ago when my homening command started moving very very slow almost not moving at all.

It sounds like your grbl parameters are compromised. Go to machine inspector -> advanced and post the grbl parameters that you see there, here.

Are you aware of this issue?