Grbl version 1.1f requires updated G-code senders

The user interface to grbl changed between version 1.0c and version 1.1f.

If you update your firmware to version 1.1f you must also update your G-code sender to a version that supports 1.1f

UGCS version 1.0.9 does NOT support 1.1f

UGCS nightly build supports 1.1f
PicSender 2.7.6 supports 1.1f

Easel basic support for 1.1f (new grbl features may follow).

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From what some Inventables folks have posted, GRBL v1.1f is supported by Easel presumably with the 0.3.7 version. I don’t know if they’ve rolled out feed adjustment yet or not but basic functionality works.

I have not been able to find feed adjustment in Easel but I have been looking. so far no problems with the newer GRBL firmware on my system.

i’m running running the nightly build of ugs platform and grbl 1.1f and the hardware abort/reset button just stops the machine turns the spindle off and locks. previous versions of said software raised the z and sent the machine home when i hit the abort/reset button. am i missing something?

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What GRBL compile did you load? The Inventables compile still does the Z movement and such. GRBL default compile does not the last time I looked.

the 1.1f update came up as a update in easel

Sorry, I was thinking pause and not the abort. I don’t think I’ve ever used the abort. GRBL however specifies it as:

"0x18 (ctrl-x) : Soft-Reset

Immediately halts and safely resets Grbl without a power-cycle.
Accepts and executes this command at any time.
If reset while in motion, Grbl will throw an alarm to indicate position may be lost from the motion halt.
If reset while in not motion, position is retained and re-homing is not required.
An input pin is available to connect a button or switch."

The feed hold/pause in Inventables GRBL has the safety door and parking enabled so it moves the spindle up.

It might be something that Easel was doing outside of what GRBL. I can try tomorrow on my machine.

A Very Big thanks Larry will let you know how it went.