Xcarve 1000x1000 for sale in new Zealand

Fully assembled and works well. downsizing to a smaller house and workshop so some toys have to go. This has only been used four times. Cost of import and assembly etc around $2450 NZ. will take $2000NZ


PM sent.
2nd PM sent

Hi Dave, I am here.

Welcome aboard. You will find lots of info on this forum.


Are both of you two (@HaydenBrown and @DavidSohlstrom) located in New Zealand? If so, we should get you two added to the NewZealand thread.

Hayden is in Tamiru and I’m in the US Washington state. Hayden and I have been working together for several years on model boat drives. I would like to be a member of the NZ thread if you would have a non Kiwi.


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Hey guys, I can’t see the NZ thread on here. I’m up in Whangarei and work in Auckland two days a week. I only have a measly SO2 instead of a flash X-Carve :-)… which I’m still trying to get up and running.

There you go.

Ariel, WA


Hi Andy,

I am coming in a bit late here, so i apologize for bumping. Did you manage to sell?


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