Xcarve seems to make a detour every now and then

Hey there starting to loose my mind with easel and my xcarve. I feel every time I want to use the machine it’s forgotten my settings.

But when I do get around to cutting it runs fine till the second last pass and just cuts right thru the piece then proceeds to cut the tabs in the right place

I just don’t get why it’s doing this. Luckily its ply board as it would of broken the cutter

Am I doing something wrong that’s causing this

looks like missing steps or binding.

check the section on calibration and losing steps/binding

also in the same post… I posted the main things i did to fix this kind of thing when I ran into it. I will be doing more to improve the machine, but just needed to get it going for making some gifts.
Hope this helps!

Thanks @AbearDesign for the response. ill go through the issues on binding. what makes me think its something different is that it happens only at certain height and point

are you climb cutting? looks like there may be some chatter looking at it again.

also what is the depth of each pass?

using the standard bits that i got with the machine and 1/16th and doing a pass of about 1.6mm at 800mm/s.

When it gets to about 16mm depth out of 18.6mm it just glides straight through a section of the piece.

not really sure if its climb cutting. just using a standard design off the inventables site as a test piece

not sure… shouldn’t be the nc code…

be sure to go over those three main things i listed (vwheels, quick stiffen of the xaxis I think would have the most effect.)