XController Remote Pause/Shutoff

I tend to start a cut on my way to work, and go back to check it at lunch. Generally it is no problem, but one time I came back to a complete mess. I’d like to set up a way to remotely monitor and pause a cut. The monitoring is no problem, just hook a webcam up to the computer in such a way that I can remotely view it from my phone or work computer. The other part is giving me trouble.

Although I would like to set up a way to remotely power off the controller (maybe via a Z-Wave circuit or Iot Relay connected to the computer) I don’t like the idea of just shutting off the controller mid-cut, especially when I may just need to pause a cut instead of trashing the whole thing.

So I guess it is two issues, 1) how do I remotely pause a cut, and 2) what is the simplest and cheapest way to set up a remote shut off?

Anyone tackle these issues already? I hate to reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to.

Try TeamViewer

Like @JohnVann said, the quickest way would be to remote desktop into your cut computer and just remote operate it that way.
The X Controller has a pause and resume buttons on it. So it you had some kind of remote relay you could wire it to those buttons.

Could probably adapt Octoprint to the CNC realm vice the 3d printer realm.

This whole post makes my brain hurt.
Maybe the 3D printer generation has gotten people lazy, but leaving a machine unattended is very very unsafe.

You start a cut on your way to work
You are then going to view this from your “work computer”?
Are you seriously going to be at WORK (not at home)?
Even if your office is in the same building as the machine, its still not much safer.

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Chill out man, I have a day job and can’t always spend a lot of time at my workshop, which is about a mile away from my office. I like to start a long cut and go to work. What is the risk? I break a bit? Lose a piece of work? Damage my machine? Would all be inconvenient but certainly not the end of the world. Not going to burn my building down or hurt someone. I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to mitigate my risk. No need to be hostile.

My advice was hostile? Maybe. It sure did get your attention!
My advice was truthful? Definitely!

See this:

You can mitigate all you want, is it worth the consequences?
I’m curious how many other owners run their machine(s) while they are not at home?

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I have to agree with @JeremyJohnstone, I thought you were kidding at first. Knowing you really leave a job running while you are not at home makes my brain hurt also. But then I don’t even like to leave the oven on when I am not home.