XCP doesn't finish homing; shakes like it's stuck

I haven’t been able to home my machine since shortly after I set it up. It did it a couple times, but I think it stopped working after the machine got stuck in the x axis a couple times. The timing is just a guess because it has been a while now. Since then I’ve just skipped homing at the beginning of jobs, but I’d like to fix this now.

When I tell it to home it does a little z axis jig, then moves to the 0,0 spot and shakes like my dog during a storm. I have to cancel the job or it will do that indefinitely. In the machine inspector it shows that the Y switch is activated, but the others are not.

Looks like my x home switch is pushed up a little, so it isn’t making contact on that side. Not sure what to do without breaking something…but I’ll try.

I’d bet that if you had scrolled down in that console section you’d find the Alarm number is #9 for failed to home… and also the X button wouldn’t turn green… Here’s a list of the error and alarm states as a future reference

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@AdamCook1 : Did you figure it out? I’m having the same problem today (the xlimit switch is tilted up a little bit for some reason and doesn’t contact the spindle chassis)

Hey @cd127, Yes I did. I just bent it back down. I actually took it out, inspected it, and bent it back down, but I think I could have skipped the disassembly. It was only off by a tiny bit. I didn’t need to do anything drastic like getting a pair of pliers out or anything.

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Just a follow up here. This happened again, and this time I did get some pliers and bend it down. I think I should have done that the first time. I think this is a design flaw on the x-limit.


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