Y axis and X axis, i hear them but they don´t move

Hi everyone, hope you are doing great!

I have finish my first ox cnc 1500x1500mm and wired it but i have problem with my y and x axis.
It seams all is well wired, when turn each stepper with arduino + gshield off it lights on each axis.

The problem is when i turn on the power supply and plug the usb to pc, then i open the grbl interface, it only moves wright the Z axis, when i jog the X and Y axis i see the light of both on and hear the motors noise but they don´t move.

My setup is with arduino uno Rev 3 + gshield v5 running grbl
Z axis - 1 nema 17
X axis - 2 nema 23 hightorque (only one runing for test then i will wired)

Peak current is 3.0A/phase
12" Leads (4 Wire Bi-polar)

Y axis - 1 nema 23 hightorque - the same as X axis

I’m testing without the pulleys so the steppers don´t have any resistence to work now.
I have tried ajustments in the trim pots of each axis and i stoped when i saw some turns.
The problem is they have inconsistent turns and is the best i can get until now.
Maybe grbl settings are wrong i don´t know.
I will apreciate any kind of help, thank you.

thank you.

Sounds like the wires are landed in the wrong set of pairs. Each 2 wires goes to a coil. What steppers are you running?

Hi David

I have folow the tuturial and have verified pair by pair when they hold the torque with more strength so i think they are correct.

My steppers are Nema 23 hightorque 340oz with peak current of 3.0 amp


Are you trying to run these from a gshield?

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While your steppers can take 3.0A the shield can not deliver that much. The shield (drivers) also need a calibration to ensure you give them as much juice as possible. I think they are set to low and the X/Y bog down.
Adjust your driver current potmeters :slight_smile:

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Hi David.

Yes this is the case.
I have asked to the guys from v slot europe just to change the normal nema 23 that comes with their ox cnc kit for their nema 23 hightorque.

Problem is that this is my first build and experience in cnc.

Hi Phil

I have to admit my little frustation…
I see gshield in best scenario gives 2.5 A so i think this is the problem.

What is the better solution to resolve this? Because i already have a good power supply with 24v 400w, i think this steppers are good.


Hi Phil

I will study that solution.
But is it possible to try with gshield with less torque and a little more speed to see if they run.

Also now i have change some grbl settings, when i open interface of grbl gcode sender it doesnt measure the positions…

Yes it is possible, you just won’t the torque the motor is rated at.
Adjust your current limiters to approx 1.5A to start with and reduce the max travel rate of X/Y in GRBL.
Set those to 20% of the preset value.
The intent is to keep speed down = lighter load => establish correct function.
Increase acceleration/feed parameters until it stalls, then back of 10-20%.

Getting the base parameters for the machine in its current condition is primary goal. Calibration of distance come after.

I have also built my own motor controller to take full advantage of my Nema23´s - but successfully ran it with G-shield prior to that (but with less aggressive acceleration / max feed rate settings)

Hi Haldor

I will try that. But to see i’m super novice to this i have to discover how to measure amps in the trimpots because until now i only have measured the volts puting positive in vref of each pot and ground in the input ground of gshield.
I have put X and Y in 1.5v and nema 17 on Z axis with 1.2v all inside a box with fun to avoid thermal issues.

Any help how to measure the amps of each axis its welcome.

That is fine and we have all been there - it can be overwhelming at first :slight_smile: So, take it one step at the time.
Calibrating the current limit is done by setting the voltage over the potmeters (Vref) - no actual current measurement required. I understand you have this sorted / done.

hi Haldor

Here are some images of my build, the gshield and the stepper reference i can´t put moving.
Now they are with 1.5v and testing but don´t turn.

My first Build the only Z moves…until now…

This information may help you.

Hi Larry

So i will try 2.0v for X and Y Axis and test with diferent speeds and steps in grbl and see what hapens jf they can turn with 2.5amp.

Thanks i will be back with info
This is my box…

Most likely you will get thermal shutdown trying to drive the chips that hard.

Hi again Larry

So i have tryied with 2.0v that is at 2.5amp they make some noise and huge trembles with erractly turns.

Now i have them at 2.0amp with 1.6v on Vref and they move a little more with less tremble but in wrong moves and only think i will try its adjust feed rates and steps per mm.

But since i will need to pair another stepper like this on Y axis i think i will give up and try one drive to conect with arduino and put gshield to another build when i need.

My only doubt is. Will be possible to operate with Universal G Code Sender just with arduino without gshiel plugged. This is really a novice question…


I think there is some thing wrong with your wiring or the firmware on the Arduino.

Hi Larry

I have think about wiring to but since Z Axis it’s fine and smooth with same colors i have repeated same process for X and Y so i don’t think would be the wiring.

In first hand i have uoloaded via IDE the grbl 0.9j version then i have learned to upload via xloader and now i’m with grbl version 1.1f that i have uploaded via Xloader.

I have done this all with gshield plugged but since i see the gr k prompt each tune u start the grbl i don’t know if this is right or wrong but in all versions i had the same problem with X and Y axis.

Can you tell me a good start for grbl settings or how can i load default settings.

  • What happens if you connect X and Y motor to the known good Z? (X & Y individually)?
  • If a motor spin the wrong direction then switch position for two out of the 4 wires.

Are X & Y motors connected mechanically to the belts/drives? At this stage disconnect them so that they spin freely.

In GRBL1.1 set $110-112 (feed rate), to a low 500mm/min and $120-$122 (Acceleration) to 50
These settings are very slow/gentle and would allow you to easily move your machine about provided the shield is set correctly.
Once motors are moving, connect them to the mechanics and try again, if all good adjust your drivers to 1,5A and increase $11x and $12x values until you have decent speeds.

i Haldor

The first thing i did when i saw X and Y axis wrong since Z axis is fine just not calibrated, was to unplug all axis and conect just the nema 17 to Y and then to X and it moves fine so since that i have discarded gshield issues.

I will try your sttings and see what happens.

Just a doubt. If i decide to but the driver 6600 and wire it to arduino and ps and since arduino is with grbl 1.1 will i just plug the usb to pc and start to calibrate all axis? Or i will need to do something else.

This is because i’m afraid that even i adjust this X and Y axis when i add another Y stepper i will need more power that gshield doesnt have or not?

By the way mechanics are off.