Z-Axis is cuting to deep

I was doing my setup and z-axis is was suppose to cut 1 mm but it goes from 1,42mm and in the other end it is 1.77mm. I´ve gone over the hole machine and nothing is loos. I´m using Dewalt D26204, I think it is the same as 611 in US.
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First things to check:

Be sure your GRBL board has the 2X Micro step jumper set on the Z axis (X and Y should not have any jumper)

Also be sure you have run the Easel setup and told Easel if you are using the ACME rod.

Finally be sure you wasteboard is level and perpendicular to your spindle

Thanks, will try that :slight_smile:

Agre with @AllenMassey.

If you have a wasteboard that’s not level to the spindle, you’ll get variable depth cuts like that. I just uploaded a new video that shows how I put in a new secondary wasteboard that mentions how to cut a pocket to make your wasteboard flat, just search for “troubleshooting videos” on the forum.

Hi and thanks, I found out that the wastebord is of level by 0.3mm. But when I set the depth of 1 mm it will cut 1,52 mm when it starts and then will replica the wastebord by the 0.3 mm or 1.72mm, so I´m looking why it cuts 0.5 mm deeper then I´m setting it?
Thanks agin.

You should double-check that the proper type of thread for your Z axis is selected. If it is, you may just need to calibrate the steps/mm of the stepper motor. I’ve got a video explaining how to do that in that troubleshooting video forum as well, you just need a way to measure the amount of travel of your Z axis.

I’ve been thinking of doing a follow-up calibration video addressing just the Z axis. One of the best ways I’ve thought of measuring the travel is to actually measure from the top plate to the top of the back part of the spindle mount. You can do that with calipers, so you don’t need a dial indicator like I used. There’s a few ways to skin this cat though, just find a way to measure the spindle location when it’s up and down.

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Move the tip of the bit down to just touching the wasteboard. Now use the jog controls to tell the spindle to move upwards exactly 50mm Get a good ruler and measure exactly how far above the wasteboard the tip of the bit is.

If you do not measure it being 50mm above the wasteboard check the first two things I mentioned in the first reply to your question.

Thanks guys, will try that tomorrow.

how to know witch rod you have


The first picture has the acme rod on the bottom.

Which type of rod did you order?

If you look closely at an ACME rod you will see that the threads have a trapazoidal shape.

The standard threaded rod does not have that trapazodial thread shape

In the picture above I believe I have the acme rod

I order a 1000 mm kit
together with a DeWalt router

When you ordered the kit did you pay the extra $25 to upgrade to the ACME rod?

If you ordered the “Fully Loaded” kit the ACME rod is the default option.

Yes I ordered full loaded kit, and I have been out in the workshop just now to check it
An according to the pics, I have ACME rod.
I also did a testcut with a v-shaped bit on a scrap piece that actually is 25 mm thick
But it cut deeper then I told it to do.
But when I change the bit size from 19.5 mm to 6 mm
it cut the deep I wanted
I don´t think I understand how to handle this


Before you start the cut you need to be sure you have zeroed the bit to the top of the wood. Do you know how to do that?

I believe so

yes sir

Yes sir
I zeroed the bit to the top of the wood and measured from the wood to a point on the router.
Them I moved the router thru the computer 50 mm up
and it was exactly 100 mm at the same spot.

Can you point to instruction on how to do this?