Z-Axis is cuting to deep

how to know witch rod you have


The first picture has the acme rod on the bottom.

Which type of rod did you order?

If you look closely at an ACME rod you will see that the threads have a trapazoidal shape.

The standard threaded rod does not have that trapazodial thread shape

In the picture above I believe I have the acme rod

I order a 1000 mm kit
together with a DeWalt router

When you ordered the kit did you pay the extra $25 to upgrade to the ACME rod?

If you ordered the “Fully Loaded” kit the ACME rod is the default option.

Yes I ordered full loaded kit, and I have been out in the workshop just now to check it
An according to the pics, I have ACME rod.
I also did a testcut with a v-shaped bit on a scrap piece that actually is 25 mm thick
But it cut deeper then I told it to do.
But when I change the bit size from 19.5 mm to 6 mm
it cut the deep I wanted
I don´t think I understand how to handle this


Before you start the cut you need to be sure you have zeroed the bit to the top of the wood. Do you know how to do that?

I believe so

yes sir

Yes sir
I zeroed the bit to the top of the wood and measured from the wood to a point on the router.
Them I moved the router thru the computer 50 mm up
and it was exactly 100 mm at the same spot.

Can you point to instruction on how to do this?


I’m experimenting the same problem, (the deep of the cut is wrong, setting it up for 3 mm it cut 5 mm) and i’m quite new on electronics, can anyone explain me what is exactly the 2x microstep jumper, and how to set it up in a correct way, I do not have it clear form the image above

thanks in advance

The Z axis microstep pins (in the upper left corner of the grbl board, just below the reset button) should have a jumper on the two leftmost pins.

Thanks !!!

I will check everything once I get out of job and let’s see if this solve the problem

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Hi all,

I manage to half-solve the problem I revised all the hardware, electronics and oiled up the acme rod also I changed easel for rhino cam + universal grbl sender and the x-carve works amazing, but I still have a z deep problem in the left right side of the machine, as the spindle goes to the right side the deep of the cut is deeper, around a 0.5 to 1 mm of difference from left side to right side. I strongly believe that is a mechanical problem rather than a electronic or configuration problem but cannot find the solution.

Any help???

Ufff I revised my writing after posting it and it’s is horrible, sorry about that, non English speaking …

If you have a depth problem that varies across the machine, my first thought would be that your wasteboard is not level. If you haven’t flattened your wasteboard, you may want to consider buying a wasteboard cutter and knocking down the high spots. That will also let you see if your spindle is truly square to the wasteboard, which is important if you are going to be doing a lot of deep cuts or pockets.

I have made a video showing how I made a new wasteboard, and it includes information about leveling and checking square. You can find it in this thread: X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!.

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thanks !!!

I had a similar problem where when I zero out near the x,y origin, it cuts deeper as it works itself away. I put a disposable wasted board on top and put in a 3/4" router bit to level it out. It was shaving off close to 1/16" at the farthest point. Now, my carving seem much more accurate depth-wise.