Z-Axis stuck/sticking?

Hey guys I’ve been struggling lately with inconsistent depths when I am doing all of my carving now. I am assuming it is for this very reason in my video. It appears that my Zaxis is not able to fully go all the way up, and slips/gets stuck I guess you could say. Because of this my depths are all over the place and I am now cutting through the wasteboard and 2 stage cuts are all off. even the depth. I set the depth to .2 and its about .286" instead. Here is a video to show my issue. Hoping you guys could point me in the right direction on how to solve the issue.

Just one thing I noticed with mine. Does your 611 clear the top pulley bracket? I found the little tabs above and below the label on the 611 were catching. Check the clearance…


hmm what do you mean by tabs? It doesnt look like anything is interfering.

It’s hard to see on the video. But it looks like your pully may be slipping. But there can only be one of three things. Slipping pully. Bad spot on your ACME. Or a bad delrin nut. Your motor doesn’t appears to be slowing any so something beyond the motor is giving out.

The yellow plastic rectangular protrusions around the front and back surrounding the labels on the head of the 611.


Bad spot on ACME as in a thread is broken? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this to figure out wich one it is?

That’s a possibility but it dissent seem to be binding. If it was hanging up on the router then the motor would stall out as well IMO. It def looks mechanical to me though.

Yes. While unlikely that it’s the ACME a couple bad threads on either the ACME or the delrin nut. I would start with the pully if it were me. I had a hard time seeing in the video. But it appeared that when the axis would stall the ACME was moving slower than the pully. So check set screws and such.

Set screws? what would those be? I checked the belt it looks tight. Unsure if there is a way to properly torque it or anything but its on there good.

you have two pully on the ZAxis. One on the motor and one on the ACME. Each pully has two tiny screws that you use to tighten the pully to the shaft of both. The motor seems to be fine but the more I watch the more I’m sure the set screws on the ACME pully are loose.

The nut ontop of the ACME pully is def loose as well.

Looking again I can’t see any set screws in the ACME pully.

Alright thanks for the info… So I did some more looking and as I lowered my Z-Axis to remove the router to get a better view… the Z-Axis belt broke… What kind of luck do I have… I sent a email to customer support hoping they can help me out with that… .

Anyways I looked and the ACME pulley and went to tighten the two screws, sure enough one was missing somehow… I guess the vibration must of loosened it… Any Idea where I could pickup a replacement set screw locally? I’ll check the ACME nut now to see… other than that I am kind of boned until I can get a new belt.

EDIT: The nut seems to be on there tight.

Yes sir. I replaced all my set screws with M3 socket heads from Home Depot. I forget how long but they don’t have to be much. I think mine were 6-8 mm long pick up some blue lock tight while your there and give each screw and that top nut a couple drops when you tighten them up. That should hold them in place.

Ya thinking about it. If the ACME is slipping that nut will slip with it.

On a positive note… your dustboot looks kickass!!!

Thank you so much! I’ll head on over and do just that! Hoping that that was the issue! I guess we will find out whenever I get a belt… Wich might be a while unfortunately. :frowning:

Haha yes it does! However it is now a paperweight until I get myself a belt :stuck_out_tongue: It’s taken a while to get used to it. I wish it was a split design so that I could remove the bottom without having to adjust the z height. Probing with it is also tricky.

Why would getting a belt “be awhile” if you don’t mind me asking?

I am from Canada, By time I talk to customer service and get one shipped I imagine it would be a week or two