3D Printed Carbon Fiber Dust Shoe with Removable Brush Skirt

I’ve taken a lot from these forums and figured I’d make a contribution for a change. Even if it’s just another dust shoe design.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story for now, but if you have any questions or would like any files, feel free to let me know. Thanks for looking and I always appreciate feedback!

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Wow, that is VERY nicely done!

Very nice printing. Mind if I ask which printer you use? I currently use the Rostock Max V2 http://www.seemecnc.com/collections/3d-printers/products/rostock-max-complete-kit and will soon be the proud owner of a BigBox Pro http://bigbox-3d.com/

Always admire beautiful printing and this surly is a fine example of that. nice work.

Thanks, Dan! It came with a pile of trial and errors! There are still a couple things I’d tweak and we’ll see how the “friction collar” holds up long term, but so far so good! Thanks for looking!

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Thanks a lot. This was my first real 3d print project on my Robo 3dr1. I’m still learning, So far, it’s only changed the way I think about almost everything I make! :smile:

I’m guessing you could sell quite a few of those on these forums. Nice work.

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Yes it does tend to do that. Once you own a CNC and a 3D printer, you really start to see everything in a new way. Once you get a good CAD program and a real feel for working in it, the sky is the limit really. Best part is that both tool can be put to work and bring in real income and pay for themselves in short order.

I keep both of mine very busy and the CNC mill has paid for the new BigBox printer 100%. Keep up and good work and keep that printer busy printing for folks and making money when you can!

That’s the idea! Keep those machines busy! Thanks again!

One thing that’s taken me by surprise as I learn more about both cnc and 3d printing is how much you really start to “think like the machine” in terms of how it will approach a piece and in turn how to be more efficient. I think that’s a skill you can only learn by doing and it’s kind of amazing to experience.

Take care!

I’ve wondered about that… I still want to put it through its paces a bit before I’d feel comfortable taking money for them. And I think there’s still room for improvement.
Thanks for looking!

I can see myself paying for this no problem.

Yeah? Thanks! I’ll give it some thought. I think it’ll be a “if the demand is there” situation before it makes sense to try selling them.
And I’d really like to test and tweak it a bit more before taking money for one. :smile:
Thanks for looking!

Very nice design

I don’t even have an X-Carve yet and I’d be interested in one. Obviously dependant on cost.

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What if you didnt have to TRY to sell them? What if a sale just came to you without effort? LOL I don’t have a 3D printer, so… how much would you sell that for? I’ve been sans dust collection since I upgraded to the DeWalt, and my place is a serious mess!


Ryan, I agree with Matt Thompson…I don’t even have my X-Carve assembled yet and I would be willing to pay for one of these.

LOL. OK, tell you what, I’ve been looking for an excuse to print one more of these with a couple minor tweaks (I’ve got a better way to embed the magnets, I want to put a little more meat around where the vacuum tube connects to the base, and a couple other improvements…) I’ll pay closer attention to my print times and material costs and figure out a price. I’ll post some new pictures and let you know when it’s updated. If you’re still interested, great!

Sound OK?

Hi Grant,
Thanks for the replies! Have a look at the message I just left Matt and let me know if that sounds ok. Seems like if you’re not quite up and running you don’t need it right away. I’m thinking I could have a update ready in the next couple days.

Thanks again.

Forgot to mention, I think I could have a new update ready in a couple days.

Thanks again, Matt.

Hi Edward,
Have a look down the thread at my reply to MattThomson. I’ll have an updated version and a price worked out in the next few days.


Hi Deepnoizer!

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