3d printed X-Axis stiffener for older models

I have a 2016 X-Carve and this is my solution for stiffening the X-Axis:

Each pair is composed of 2 plastic pieces, 1 screw, 2 washers and 1 thread insert (check the link up for the dimentions details):

Of course, there is the 30 minute mod:

And the 60 minute mod:

I personally think my solution is superior because:

  1. It enforces a precise distance between the 2 rails
  2. Holds the rails using the shape of the rail itself
  3. Is very lightweight (13g in plastic per pair)
  4. It is completelly removable, does not even leave scratches or marks on the rails

In any case, after just fitting 1 piece, without even using screws I can see how the flex is completely gone.