4x8 size CNC router - Monster Carve

4x8 size CNC router.

Due lack of time and running out of space in my garage I’m offering my Monster-carve for sale.
I was about to chop it down in half to regain some space but figured it’s a shame to do when some maker could continue with it. The plan is to try to let it go for few weeks and if I can’t find someone I will chop it down. I’m also open for idea of trading for smaller unit as a part of the deal.
The price depends on agreement and logistics we can agree upon and how easy you can make it on me.
Unit is located in my garage in Staten Island NY and there is not a chance I’m shipping it anywhere.
I can help to get it on truck or disassemble to some degree.
The whole unit started as a xcarve few years ago and you can follow my journey in this thread:

Currently I would estimate this is 20% x-carve 60% cncrouterparts 10% openbuilds 10% home build.

Some details .:

  • 20x80 Extrusion Aluminum base.
  • Wood base with locking wheels.
  • X and Y axis is rack and pinions and V-con motion.
  • Ebay custom Z axis.
  • X-controller.
  • All necessary wiring including relay that can control router and dust collect system right from x-controller.
  • Dewalt router with 3 precision collects, brushes recently replaced and I think I got new set somewhere.
  • Dust boost self made.
  • Stock mounting rails with lots of clamps both aluminum and original oak x-carve.
  • Desktop computer with monitor can be included that has Aspire 8.5, license has been handed to me and I always questioned if it legally transferable, I will not take it in price consideration its up to you and Aspire to sort upgrade. System runs obviously easel perfectly fine and any other cad apps desired.
  • I will also include much stronger Nema motors (pictured) with thicker shafts and more torque and all necessary belts and pulleys to upgrade unit.
  • I have jet dust collecting system that can be included if desired and all the necessary hoses, pipes, gates.

I could go into details about unit for few chapters but that would be beyond the scope and I will answer all necessary questions you might have.

One thing I need to make clear, this is not your first CNC router this is suitable who is very familiar with CNC kite like x-carve, shapeoko, CNCrouter parts etc. While I can help you get going I can’t offer any support.
That said this thing will take with no sweat any spindle you throw it at and even multiple ones.
All wheels and motion are cold rolled steel or aluminum so you can add plasma cutter, water jet, laser, extruder no problem. I did cut tons of different materials with it like Aluminum, Fiberglass, wood of just about any hardens. I completed few orders for opedesk for some very happy customers. My largest job I did with this monster was 25 Baltic birch desks in 2 weeks with no single machine failure and that was still on belts !

Action video and some pics :

Wow that is a monster how much is something like that

Are you interested in a 750mm by 750mm x carve? I live in maine but will actually be travelling to new York here in a couple weeks

How do i post a classified ad on this site…


How much are you asking?

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Wow wish I would have seen this sooner it is amazing nice build I was just looking into a build like this.