Anyone willing to create this for me?

I don’t know the max. I think we tested a file that was a 12 hour carve and it worked.

I’ve heard it can do files that UGS can’t but I’ve never experienced that myself.

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On average for some of the 3d carvings is around 2 million lines of code for the smaller carvings. I have tried many builds of UGS in the past and had issues after 700,000 lines of code. You all have made a great product. The advancements that have been made to easel are tremendous and I still use it almost daily. And the xcarve its self is awesome I think I have surprised some people with what can be done with it.

That looks awesome, I will give it a try tomorrow morning!!! Will i be able to open the file in fusion? I downloaded Fusion last night and started playing around with it. So far it appears I will need a lot of YouTube instruction to get good with it. How much do I owe you?

Hi @VernonBrown you can export G code from Fusion 360 and import it into Easel to carve it on your machine.

Easel is free so you can send us a check for $0 or if you want to send us a check for $1,000,000 I’d take that too.



That is the gcode file for easel I posted here when i get to the shop i’ll send you the part for fusion
and you owe me nothing.

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I am starting to think none of us sleep around here.


Oh ha @VernonBrown I thought you were talking to me but you were talking to @ShaneBell


You can still send me the million though.


HaHa @Zach_Kaplan no worries. I appreciate everything you have done thus far!!! Making Beehive Hand holds on a table saw was a safety nightmare. With your X-Carve it can now be done with out fear of loosing your fingers.

I am a little lite on the Million dollars, looks like you will have to wait till next pay.

@ShaneBell Thanks so much for your time!!!


I had never made a part like that and really had no clue how to do it. I have never really used fusion to make any parts just used it to import files to make a tool path. If you are willing to learn fusion then as a suggestion I would start with some tutorials on making sketches. Fusion seems very intimidating at first but once you get the basics down you will learn it pretty quick. I literally drew that part and turned it into a 3d shape in less than 5 minutes. The cam part is what took me so long there seems like endless options for making the tool path. But after making your part I now know the settings for the bit i used and takes no time to set it up. And those settings for that bit will work with other projects not i have the basics.

here is the link that you can view and download the part.

I was thinking if your cleaver enough you could use a router to add a bit of depth to your handle


or a dove tail

you can take a hand router and a guide and just run a few inches to create a upcut into the flat side of the pocket. This would give you a better grip.

@ShaneBell would you mind briefly describing how you modeled that in Fusion? I’m learning how to use it and am wondering. I guess you could tilt a cylinder and do a difference against a block? Just wondering.

There are a few ways to do it but I will show you how I did this one.


Thanks so much, really appreciate that!

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