Black Friday 2016

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So, any news on if there is going to be a deal for this year? I want to pick up the X-Carve, but if it goes on sale at the end of the month I will be sad.

Oh boy, I just pulled the trigger on a X-Carve Saturday. Should I have waited a few weeks?

I’m sorry about the timing @BobJewell I’m curious have you ever seen how another company has done this well? It seems that every time we have done a Black Friday promotion there are people that ordered right before and missed it. Do you have advice on how to handle it in the future if we continue to do Black Friday deals?

We make less margin on the Black Friday deal so it’s a benefit we are doing for the customers. It seems to have become this cultural phenomenon. I feel bad when it causes problems and wonder if we should stop doing it all together.

Hey @BobJewell no worries. I am sorry if I came across as rude. We have a policy at Inventables that it’s more important to help the customer be successful than sell them a product. I don’t know the specific situation but I’m guessing the Customer Success person pointed you to a competitor because we don’t sell the links in the size you needed.

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it!

When you say you wanted less than 1M you mean you wanted less links?

Here’s the link to the official 2016 post

Should this be bothering me.

I ordered an x-carve back on nov 5 or 6th.

While I’m waiting, I get the email about the sale.

I email Support and ask if I’ll receive the discount, since my machine hasn’t shipped.

They say no.

I point out that I could cancel, re-order and save $100 bucks.

They say I can, but would need to start the wait over again.

I say just send it to me.

I get notification it ships, but the controller won’t ship till dec 6th.

So…I can’t use the machine for another month.

So, why did I agree to not cancel, re-order and save $100 bucks…I still won’t get a working machine any sooner.

I’m assuming sales knew that the controller was backordered.

I said I’d even take the $100 in gift cards to order some bits.

Would this rub you the wrong way?

I’m in exactly the same position, except support never responded to me.

Everything except the controller will now be delivered tomorrow, but I have to wait at least 2 more weeks before I have a working machine.

Maybe I should have cancelled and reordered.

well 200$ shipping cost for me =(
well upgrade not this year :disappointed_relieved: