Chris's X-Carve

This is a work in progress as I build my machine. I have ordered it but probably will not have it for a few months.
Summary specifications:
This machine is going to be starting its life out as a 1000mm x 1000mm X-Carve powered by X-Controller


Future Upgrades:
Water Cooled Spindle
Switch box to go from spindle control to laser control
Solid state relay with 2 outlets to control spindle and dust extraction on/off with X-Controller
JTech 3.8w Laser
Upgrade fixed axis rails from 1000mm to 1800mm

make sure you use those SSR correctly.
There is a lot of people here who are unaware of how they are supposed to work and you can start a fire with them.

Thanks for the tip. I made sure to order one that could handle double the load I plan on putting on it. The one I ordered is rated for 40a and I should only be running a max of 14a. I also ordered a heat sink for it also.

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Pictures. We like pictures… (and we tend not to believe you without them)


Well like I said in my first post I just ordered the thing so I doubt I will have my X-carve till Late April. But on that note I have started to buy a few of the parts for my upgrades. This image is the outlet box that will be controlled by the SSR via the spindle control.I went with this box because it is fully enclosed and I can mount it easy…

This is what did with the SSR , manual spindle control and override off comes in handy and is great a great safety feature I do not switch to auto until I’m ready to carve and my hands are out of the enclosure .

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I must say I do like that set up.That heat sink on your SSR looks just like the one I ordered. When I get the parts I ordered I am building a second box to switch the spindle from Laser-OFF-Spindle.

its the one from inventables. some one had asked me a while back to draw up a diagram on how I did this so I’m going to. I cant even remember who asked…

Here is the diagram

I am referring to how it hooks up.
Here is a page about hooking up SSR’s :
below are some peoples posts:
Wiring a solid state relay
Making my own Relay box

While I am thankful for your info on using SSR’s. How ever I don’t need it. I have built quite a few control boxes to run my hydro dipping equipment and for running the oven for my powder coating. When it comes to an SSR I know how to use them. Now on a different note I do love seeing people control boxes and how they wire them up. I am here to learn as much as I can about this machine as I can.Iit has been years since I have owned a CNC. The last CNC I had was a Carvewrite. I still have some bits from it and I think I can use them on the X-Carve.

Well here is my outlets for the spindle and dust collection system. They 2 wires sticking out of one side hook to the SSR.

Got my SSR and heat sink in today. I have already did a test on it. Hooked a lamp to the outlet and used my adjust power supply to turn on the SSR.

Has anyone been able to get all the way to 4 by 8 workarea. To work on full 4x8 ft plywood or mdf.

yeah there is at least one on here.

Here is the switch box I built to go from spindle to laser control.

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Next part has shown up.

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Yesterday I got an email that my order shipped. Then today I got a email that is to be delivered tomorrow. I’m stoked. But then I got a email saying my waste board is on back order. What the hell. Say it will not be shipped till the 17th. O well guess that gives me time to build its dedicated computer and table.

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