Main power control box and solid state relay control

At one point a few weeks back I was asked to make a diagram of the wiring for my machine control box that I built for my X-carve, it uses the Solid State Relay from Inventables and parts from Home Depot, I use the X-controller to actuate the relay and control my spindle and “Small” shop vac automatically with the X-controller. My cabinet can be disabled with a single Mains switch. I also have a circuit for lighting using a standard 12v AC/DC adapter that I removed from its casing and hard wired into a toggle switch , this can be used for lighting or any other low voltage accessories, The Spindle toggle switch allows for manual override and “off” control of the spindle which I think is a great safety feature. “PLEASE EXCUSE THE CRUDE DRAWING I DID IT IN 10 MINUTES” if anyone has questions just ask.


Where’d you get that heat sink?

It came with thecrelay from inventables , I find that thecrelay doesn’t even get warm though …

I ordered an x carve just waiting and trying to find out about it before it comes but any way does any one know how much dust the x carve make with the dewalt 611


That about sums it up :slight_smile:

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The tranformer will always be energized though if you don’t put a main power on the high voltage … that’s the only reason I did it I don’t like leaving that transformer energized I made sure to use a quality toggle switch.

I guess I’m not getting what your saying …

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Are you talking about running a power cord from 110v receptacle to the tranformer without a switch ?

Yea the only Dc On mine is the D.C. Coming from controller to turn on the relay for the spindle , and the 12v D.C. Coming from the small transformer for led lighting.

I’d like to use my IoT Relay to automagically control the spindle and vacuum power, but retain another switch to turn on the vacuum only so I can cleanup the crumbs afterward.

My design allows that…except the switch would be on the vacuum once main power is on the aux receptacle is energized.

Ohh ok so just add another step down transformer powered by the main power switch.

I considered that but I would have needed a bigger box and a fan maybe I would like din rail mount components but I like the “kiss” method of engineering.

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ruffly how long would you say it takes to assemble the 1000mm x carve


Phil, I think it would be a good idea to put a diode on the + leg of the coolant enable input to prevent 24 VDC from appearing on that terminal when using dual enable mode and manual override.

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To put the pieces together… 1/2 day to some and several days for others. Getting it square is another question. I was able to put mine together in less than 8 hours.

This is exactly how my machine is setup. If I may ask, why the recommendation?

And why the further recommendation?

Thank you both, I just want to be as safe as possible.

The exposed circuit? I see.

Great advice. I will work on enclosing it. Thank you.

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Oh god ppl. Why not just use the prebuilt solution from iot? Nothing exposed :stuck_out_tongue: and no code issues or danger.

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