Clamp challenge

I have an 8" circular stock I want to carve all the way around.

I do not want to ruin the surface with a screw through the material.

Double sided wood tape


Cut a piece of MDF with a pocket that the piece fits tightly in.

Shhh… You’ll anger the Phil… But seriously… might be my only option.

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Legit, however I’d like to go all the way to the bottom of the piece.

Screw it to another board from the bottom and then clamp it down?

It’s always worked for me

This Tape is a little pricey but sticks great and leaves no residue.

Mentioning Double-Sided Tape to anger Phil
Using a high-quality Double-Sided Tape to secure a work-piece?

Seriously… Thanks for the specific recommendation.
Horray for amazon Prime. It’s going in my ‘cnc’ wishlist for now.

Brilliant. This involves things I already have.
I have a massive headache right now. I need to crowd-source my thinking.

I’m going second the double sided tape. If your concerned about sticky residue put masking tape on then double sided tape. I work for a sign company running a cnc router. We have a vacuum hold down system run by a 4HP regenerative vacuum and I still double sided tape more than half the stuff I cut.

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Masking tape on both, superglue in between.


I use this double sided tape on a lot of things…greating holding power and no residue when it is removed:

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Securing solved, now I need a good way to find the center of the circle.
If you have an ingenious method for finding the center of a circle, let me know.

I found this video… I want a double of whatever he’s having…

Make this with your machine and you’ll be all set.

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Make that in Easel, accurately, and I’ll buy you a beer…

be right back in a few. Get that beer ready.

I use one of these:

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Legit make… I should have said Demonstrate the Method for creating in Easel, and I will beer you.

Step-by-step Instructions would benefit the community.
It’s perhaps not obvious to many that you can rotate by 45, then offset -Y by 1/2 Height in order to align the top edge with F(X)=Y.

I emphatically dislike how clunky Easel is to work with for this, as well as many other regards.

Private Message me your pay-pal email and you shall have your beer sir.