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I previously e-mailed support about this, but I’m curious what other people think about the idea.

I’d like to see some community moderation of the projects section of the site. There are a lot of blank projects (or duplicates), advertisements for materials, advertisements for people selling things they made, and occasionally, a NSFW project cover photo (the last is probably SWF, but still junk, I already e-mailed about the NSFW one and it was removed).

One simple step to keeping the projects section useful and clean is to add flags. That is, let logged in community members flag projects as valuable/featurable/re-creatable or as spam/incomplete/off-topic. This would reduce the workload on inventables moderators as they would only need to check the flag queues (it would even make sense to hide projects automatically if they receive too many negative flags). Positive flags would allow for some useful sorting, like most popular community projects or projects that are complete (re-creatable from provided information), and negative flags would help keep all the content relevant.

I think the projects section is an awesome idea and it adds value to the Inventables product line. However, the current implementation is a bit lacking. I understand the value of adding projects as a showcase for ideas and indeed very few of the projects actually contain all the information required to re-create them (even ones from Inventables staff), so most are simply there for inspiration rather than instruction. But I’d like to differentiate projects that I can make right now versus projects that are only there as inspiration for others. A flagging system would allow this.

Is this possible? Is this desired?

Edit: I think the click counter on the links has revealed some interesting statistics…


agree on the non usable stuff there. anything to clean this up would be an improvement.

There is already a discussion going over the same point that you raised

Thanks, I didn’t see that before. The other post does express the desire for the projects section to be cleaned up. I agree and I’m simply suggesting one method to make that easier.