Cutting stone help

So I’m going to attempt to cut some stone with the cnc. It’s a 1000mm unit with a dewalt p611.

I’m going to submerge the stone in some diluted dura kut to help with tool life. Here’s my question, what tool should I use?

I’m going to be trying some dinosaur bone, and ferrous meteorite. The bone will definitely be my first trials.

I’m leaning towards trying some diamond bits for slowly grinding the stone away, but I’m not sure what style to try.

Also, I’ve got a bit of cobalt, carbide, and TiAIN endmill bits which may work (lathe).

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions, or has tried it before.

Thanks for your help.

Here are a couple of topics that discussed cutting stone:

Thanks I’ve seen those.

I’m trying to actually cut it, not engrave, so I figured I’d need some bits with different rake angles to the stone, rather than diamond coated engraving bits.

Have you tried it before?

Sorry, no experience with stone. I hope you find some info on this, I would be interested in seeing the results.

Good luck.

Thanks Erik, I’ll update it on here. If I can’t find any info, I’ll go ahead and try it with some cobalt endmill bits

I have used these on a project for a client and they worked well but will need a bit of adjustment for speeds and such on an XC. I used my larger ball screw mill on that project so the feeds would not work the same on any size XC.

like to see how this goes i got some marble slabs 18x24x1

Thank you. The diamond bits are in, and if they don’t work, I’ll give those a go.

Is that some proprietary blend of special herbs and spices? I can’t tell what composite those bits are made from.

I’ll update it here once I peel myself away from my lathe.

Not sure which end mill you are speaking off… The stone milling end mills I last referenced are just a form of carbide which is shaped in such a way that it is able to mill stone in the right conditions. The PCD engraving end mills are a slice of polycrystalline diamond (man made diamond) which is brazed onto the carbide shaft for engraving stone and what not. The same diamonds can be found in some metal cutting tools. But like most things which are so hard, they are very brittle so be careful to never drop them or let them crash intot he surface to be milled too fast or they will shatter and you are out a big chuck of change and without an end mill.


Awesome thanks Matthew! The diamond carbide coated ones should perform better than the diamond HSS ones I have.

I just saw this instructable on making circular holes in stone. It’s got several useful bits of information in the text. Read the whole thing…

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This is all very interesting. I’m going to read up on it. I have some sandstone plaques that I’m making up to commemorate the birth of my twins. Sandstone cause it was easier to hand carve with my limited experience. However, I have an old cracked, marble counter top that would be awesome if I could use the X-Carve on!!

Check it. I worked at moros fabrication cutting stone in boulder a while. First pass 5 to 15mm a min Diamond bits only!!!. 2nd pass 50 mm a min 3rd pas 250 to 350 4th 750 finish 1000 to 1500 mm a min. Sinks with 3cm and 2 cm constant hold down. Wet slow and low shallower and slower the better. Use a tile saw water bed and slip it under router on bed and zip tie water hose to router. Secure stone on raised flat surface with waterproof tape and epoxy. Super glue may work depending on stone. Should work rock out like 5 to 50 mm a min constant water or bits will spark. Cheers.

Ps stay away from granite. Marble and limestone and sandstone. Also 2d is typically cut one drop and go round constantly down very slow. 3d carving i have not tried but would go super super light and increase as needed. .001875mm max depth i start with for depth of cut. Maybe way to safe idk but thats where id start with 3d. Gonna try this.