Dewalt 611 Airflow Diverter

Hey, thanks for the handy 3D printable file, Marty, saved me having to go back and re-model it myself. I’m going to have to print one of these out this evening, I think.

I came up with this… I used the clip you remove from new router on the bottom, attached a piece of green acrylic. A circle… 3" with a 7/8" hole. Drilled in a few slots on my vaccum side and glued it together, threaded it on, and it looks Fawesome, if nothing else, Im concerned about heat dispersal however. Thoughts?

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20151111_080120.mp4 (839.2 KB)
It works, pretty well too! I love my x carve. I need a dust boot on this setup, if someone had any ideas.

Maybe cut out some of those square shaped sections in the end of it, allowing the air to blow out the sides. I’d be surprised if this airflow isn’t needed to keep the bearings cool and assist with cooling the router internals.

I’ve thought of doing something similar, however with a dust skirt in place and dust shields along the rails when needed, I’m quite happy to keep the air flowing downwards into the cut and assisting in keeping the toolpath clear.

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That is the main reason for that Air Blow. Never think about cutting that off. I’m not smarter that designing engineers. All I know is, generating great Air flow inside my dust shoe, cleaning all cut path. :relaxed:

Made my own today thanks for this!!


Thanks for sharing the dxf file. I made my diffuser this morning, after tweaking the design dimensions slightly, and it has improved the dust collection more than I had thought it might.

I currently use a Kent CNC dust shoe and before adding the diffuser the downdraft from the DeWalt spindle/router blew chips and dust all over the place (inside the shoe itself), hampering the shop-vac’s ability to such it up. Now it appears that chips and dust head straight toward the suction. Here are a couple of pics and a short video of the diffuser in place. You may just see the chips from the HDPE material heading straight for the suction. Thanks for sharing!


Can you share the files or project with your mods , did u use the factory screws ?

Hi FatKatOne, I removed the factory screws which hold the spindle locking mechanism and tapped the holes to take an M4 thread. The screws I used were countersunk 20mm M4 Hex, which worked perfectly with the material I was using, which was 12.7mm thick HDPE. I modified the dxf file in Adobe Illustrator, then used VCarve to create the tool paths. I have attached the Adobe Illustrator file, my version of the dxf file, the VCarve file and the resulting Gcode…

diffuser_basic.gcode (419.2 KB)
diffuser_basic.crv (1000.5 KB) (1.3 MB)
diffuser_basic.dxf (62.2 KB)


Awesome thanks !

Made one out of 1/2" MDF next will be on plastic