Dewalt DWP611 Dust Shoe

None taken. Made me feel guilty by not including photo…so here it is…


Like it better than your last rendition. Also like the knob to manually raise the spindle.

Thanks Jeff


Do you have the V-Carve files of your latest version of the dust shoe? I need to make something better and I like the looks of yours.


Jeff Is there a more detailed way you could describe the way it’s attached to spindle? the knobs with the slotted L bracket thing? Are those knobs available at the Home Depot?

I think all files somewhere on this post Erik. I’m mobile now. If you scrool up, you’ll find them in zip format. And reminder, magnet pockets two sidid operation.

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I think I got those knobs at Lowes. I have better description and photos on this previous post. New dust boot!

@AlanDavis, I have all of the pieces cut and I am looking at your picture showing it attached to the Dewalt mount. Did you drill 3 holes into the tube to attach the adjustment knob, 2 being just a guide to keep it up and down, with the middle one having the knob?

Here is my version of a 611 dust shoe, I took some ideals from all the different dust shoes I have seen posted. So far I am very please with it. The front is held on with magnets so I can pop it off to change bits or zero it then pop it back on.


Wow, thats different. Are you uploading this bad boy?

(big long sad sigh) You’re making my machine look old fashioned and clunky…

Nice work indeed.

Great idea! Nice work! I am growing tired of the velcro style skirt. I’ve had to replace it twice in less than two months.

I will upload the easel file tomorrow. I cut several things together when I cut it so I need to get rid of some of the other stuff before I share the file.

Sounds good Stuart. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work as many others in the community!

Yes it is holding with only center bolt and others for guiding up and down movement. I insert screws from inside the pipe.

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Here is the easel file for my dust shoe. I made it out of 3/8" PVC.


Thanks for sharing Stuart.

No problem. If you have any questions about it let me know.

@StuartCampbell that is a great shoe, my x-carve will be here on Tuesday( I cant wait). Does anyone know how can I get that file in a DXF format? I didn’t see anyway to export from easel. I would like to make one a my buddy’s shop.

I can upload a dxf file for you Monday.

Thanks Stuart, that would be great.