Dewalt DWP611 Dust Shoe

Stuart, can you take a couple of pictures when you get a chance of the dust shoe attached to your xcarve. I just want to see how it gets attached to the machine. Also,where did you buy the pvc at? Thank you again!

The PVC is something I use in my sign shop and I have lots of drops. But stuff they are talking about in this thread seems to be the same stuff. Cellular PVC. Really you use whatever you wanted or have on hand should work fine.

Here is one picture that I have. I will upload some more tomorrow.

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Here are some more photos of my just shoe mounted. It sits over the accessory mount on the side of the spindle mount with a single screw holding it on. You only have to loosen the screw and adjust the height.


Here is a dxf file of my just shoe. There is also an extra piece there that I haven’t cut yet to deflect the suction more toward the bit. I created this piece because I had some problem with the vinyl skirt trying to suck up to the inlet but is has not done it since the first time I used it.

Dust Shoe.dxf (13.8 KB)

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What type of magnets did you use and where can one get them? This is a cool design for sure.

The magnets are 1/4" diameter by 3/8" long Neodymium magnets from K&J Magnets. They have 4 1/2 lbs. of strength so they hold really tight even when the skirt is going over clamps it doesn’t move at all.

Thanks for sharing Stuart,

@StuartCampbell do you source your PVC locally?

I’d love to just swing by somewhere and grab some, I’m far too impatient for shipping. But if need be, I can just grab some from Amazon.

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It is something I use in my sign shop daily so I have lots of drops from previous jobs. I buy from a sign distributor that doesn’t sell to the public.

I have posted a project for my dust shoe that has the material list and instructions included.

611 Dust Shoe


looks good! i went ahead and used your design as inspiration and have created a 3d printable model, with 3/8" od magnets that can be purchased from home depot. i will post a picture of it when i get it all built.


That is pretty cool. I can’t wait to see it when you get it done.

Yeah, another one that I would love to have. This weekend Im gonna try to make yours Stuart. Thanks for the pictures by the way!

Nice! Do you have a .stl file for this?

More details man!

I really like this design. If/when there’s an STL file for this I’ll give it a try. Thanks for your great work!

working on a rev2, i will release the design as soon as i make the changes. Im hoping to have something done for this week. sorry for the delay, and hijacking the OP’s post.


Very nice.

Any update on release of the design? I like your design a lot.

I am curious as to why you or any others on this post have not cut out a slot for the Collet lock button so the 611 can be set higher in the mount. This gains about 1/2" or more of Z axis travel. With the machine’s Z axis limit of about 2 1/2", this is critical. That being done, the vertical adjustment of the “brush” material is a challenge as there is no, or very little of the 611 body exposed for the “ring” to travel. This becomes a fixed ring that the vinyl attaches to. I am trying slots in the clear vinyl that could allow it to be set by screws as the ones you have used for attachment of the vinyl. Only issue is the rear of the mount. Vinyl brush will have to be split there. None of the dust collection ideas I have seen to date allows for much Z axis travel. My first test cut was a 3D carving in a 2" thick piece of wood. I bought this machine to do 3D, well 2.5 D carving. I want as much of the potential travel of the machine available…and dust free if possible. Love the use of magnets to split the ring as you have done! Solves the issue of changing bits!