Fan Bold Reset Button System Frozen

Continuing the discussion from Setup on Mac hanging after confirming settings:

Subject: Cannot connect to X-Carve from MacBook Pro.
Reference: Mike Plummer’s Post Sep. 22
Problem and solution.
I could just about copy and paste from Mike Plummer’s post about his problem, but my solution ended up being different.

MacBook Pro 17 with OSX El Captain 10.11.1
Safari ver. 9.0.01
Using stock USB from Inventables
G-sheld has 1 blue LED and I am not sure about the Green LED’s
Spindle 611 DeWalt etc.

You can read Mr. Plummer’s post and get the general idea, right down to the X-Carve being on my kitchen counter.

For me, the problem was that one of the long bolts that holds the cooling fan and cooling fan guard onto the lid of the circuit box, well it was just long enough to depress the rest button on the circuit board below the cooling fan. i.e. The bolts were stock that came in the kit.

Solution: cut the bold with a pair of wire cutters and I was able to move on.