Fixed Dust Extractor

Yep already sent mine over for printing total was just a tad over 17.00 and its close to me so i can pick it up

Wow, that is a good price. I paid almost triple that.

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@FrancisMarasigan - I had mine printed on 3Dhubs as well. I had mine done in red PLA. He did a great job - $18 delivered to the house.

I’m having the same problem but as I’m new to Illustrator I’m having difficulty finding how you join multiple paths. Can you point me in the right direction?

You should just be able to right click and download the SVG I posted.

Or, in illustrator, select one of the lines you want to combine with the black cursor, then click drag over the intersection of the two lines with the white cursor, then Edit-Path-Join, I believe.

Thanks Christian! On your posting the attached SVG file displayed as a graphic image so I missed that it was an actual attachment.

Also sent you an order, thanks! :slight_smile:

What is the thickness of the acrylic to use for this? 1/8"?

I used 1/8" lexan (polycarbonate).

My X-Carve is ordered and on the way. I decided to go with the Dewalt 611, and I’m going to be printing this fixture to use with it.
Thanks for creating and sharing with the group!

Printed mine (white PLA… got kind of melty and boogered up the top/nose, but that’s okay)… can’t wait to get my X-Carve and Dewalt 611 to put it to use. :smile:

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But it’s WHITE. :slight_smile: . Looking perfect.

I had this printed out but it won’t fix in the makerslide. I had it done in PLA with high resolution. Anybody else have this problem?

Hi Paul, I’m going to start with the obvious but only because it got me for a couple minutes as well. The print actually has built in supports, did you break off the bottom support tabs for the inside of the arms?

I wanted to say thanks Francis for making this dust shoe available, I printed mine last night. I got the printer yesterday and this was the first actual useful item I have printed with it. Worked great, much appreciated for making the files public.


Thanks for posting your SVG Christian, I tried cutting it with a 1/4" bit (same boat as you waiting for collets) and Easel but it won’t offset to the outside of the line? Any chance you could check and make sure the SVG you attached is the updated one and not the original? I don’t have Illustrator and have opened the SVG in a couple other paint programs but I’m a dog watching TV so far…


try this one @Shawn1

Thanks Sketch, same deal I’m afraid though, won’t cut on the outside of the line? Just to be sure I cut a 2"x2" square on the outside of the line and got a perfect 2x2 piece. The dust collector is working pretty good as is, I can’t wait to see how well it works with the top bit installed.


Hi @Shawn1

Sorry it didn’t work for you. I went ahead and tested it and it worked for me. Here is a link to the Easel project:

You should be able to cut it from there.

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Yeah that was the problem. Broke off the supports and it fit fine.

Much appreciated Sketch, that one worked great, Thank you.


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