Fully 3d printed NewBritt Dust Shoe

Here is a fully 3d Printable dust shoe based on NewBritts desgin. Attached is the 3d cad file using free DesignSpark Mechanical (Free download). All STL files can be export from the software. If I find time I will upload to thingverse STL later.

Magnets: d:12mm h:3mm
Brushes: https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/122/1310/=151f9hm


Would be good to have the STL files for those of us who don’t have DesignSpark.

Thank you for doing this work.


Thingverse link has been added with all STL and original Cad file.


Thanks a lot. Great job.

Looks very good and I already bought the suckit.
I could have printed this one. Oh well.

i will give this a try, How long to print ? just curios

I did not keep track but here is roughly what it took

Layer Height: 0.25mm
Top Layers: 5
Bottom Layers: 5
Outer Shells: 7

33% Infill
Bottom: 4hrs

15% Infill
Side: 3.5hrs
Top Base: 4hrs
Top Block: 2.5hrs
Top Back: 30mins

100% infill
Knobs: ~15-25mins

Printed with PETG on a Makerbot Clone running sailfish fimware

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What details can you provide on what brushes should be ordered with this?

It was in the thingverse link but here it is again

Brushes: https://www.mcmaster.com/#7900t5/=16g0r06

I have a dust shoe I’m pretty happy with, but decided to design a new one (why not eh?). About half way in I found this one that is nearly the same as what I was designing… might as well just print this :wink:
Do you have any specs for the nuts\bolts used? I’ve been searching around & watched the vid but not coming up with much.
Thanks for the (re)design!

All nuts and bolts are m5 but I did not keep track of length because I had them in my collection.

Awesome, that’s what I got. Thanks.

Hi Phil

I am afraid that I am so busy with general woodworking topics these days that I have neglected my X-Carve.

You may be aware that I design woodworking tools and the success of two of them, the Parf Dogs made under the Veritas name by Lee Valley and the Parf Guide System made by Axminster Tools and Machinery has meant that I am working flat out support other user communities.

I still respond to every question and acknowledge every comment placed on my videos, including the 21 or more dedicated to the X-Carve.

I have lost count of the number of sets of files I have sent out to X-Carve users and the hits are approaching 100,000 on those videos.




@jzhvymetal : If you have the ability: I saw you uploaded a rsdoc cad file. It dawned on me that I have a 2.5" line, so need to modify the file to match. But my cad software (fusion 360) doesn’t import rsdoc files. I downloaded the rsdoc anyway, extracted the sab files inside it, ran a sab to sat converter (that F360 can open), but it says they’re all invalid.

Soooo, is it possible you could somehow export your data in another format? Like igs, iges, sat, smp, stp, or step?
If not, I’ll just rebuild that one part myself, but I figured it can’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:

Since I am using the free version of DesignSpark I had to use the following procedure to export to .STP.


Attached are the resulting files. Some exports where omitted since they where duplicates.


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Okie Dokie, Newbie here…and I am invoking #4 from the community guidelines above with this question. When we talk about “Fully 3D printed” are we actually talking about using a 3D printer or using the x-carve in some way I don’t understand?


Using a 3D Printer.

@PhilJohnson : It’s an interesting idea (3d printer attachment), considering I have both (xcarve + 2 printers). The main downside is the super limited z-height. Not a lot of times I need to print something 2’ wide by 2" tall :stuck_out_tongue: However, I bet extruding plastic directly into an MDF board would make it stick really good (maybe too good…).
Laser engravers seem like a more effective mod based on the overall geometry of the system.

@jzhvymetal : Thanks! I’ll give those files a look tonight.

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@jzhvymetal : those stp files worked out perfectly, thanks! Really appreciate your time on this.

Success: 3d printed and installed. You’ll note how I extended it for my 2.5" line, and added a window covered with plexi to view the action from. Only took a bit of sanding\drilling to get all the parts fitting together correctly.

I should also note for future users, M5 45mm screws work for everything, with 4 nuts. While I could have drilled out the four holes in the top blocks to work with the M5’s, I instead just put some machine screws in there to secure them. And while I ordered some 20mm M5’s to use on the X stepper (so as to secure the rear beam), it turns out the stock ones push through just enough so that they’re not needed (although I may still swap them out when they arrive).

Question @jzhvymetal : I’d be happy to provide you the cad/stl files for the new shoe/window so you can add them to your thingiverse page, or I can make my own derivative. Either works.

And thanks again to @New_Brit_Workshop for the original design!