Growth Chart

Has anybody made a growth chart with their XCarve? Any tips or ideas on how to make it go smoothly?

Something similar to the image below. I know that I will have to reset the board after each section, so I am wondering if anyone else has done one of these and has any advice.

I have made many. I use vcarve and tiling.


I create the ruler and find a spot on the ruler that has no lines or words and tile it at the spot.

So for example it might be 26.75 inches, then mark the side of the board with those measurements.
I line the board up with a spot of my waste board and carve it in 3 sections. (So requires moving it twice.)

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@TimMoran, that looks awesome. What kind of wood do you use?

Here’s one I did using cheap 1x10 pine.

Someone else replied with a bunch of examples as well.

I use “select pine” and dig through the pile to find boards with little to no knots. 1x8x6


I really like those. How much do you charge for the growth rulers?




Thank you for the .crv file. Could you possibly save it as an illustrator file? .ai


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You should make one to replace your pink plastic ruler Robert .

Hey Bob, how long did it take to laser that one? Feed rate?

I made this one from #2 pine from a 1x6. This was designed completely in easel. It was cut in three sections using the work piece tools in easel


1x8 select pine, carved in three sections due to the length. All standard 2d carves created in easel.

I started numbering at the 1’ mark to leave enough clearance to the floor.

I have 4 kids so I milled 4 lanes so each kid has a chart to mark their height.



I’m going to have to figure out how to lay one of these out. My wife would LOVE one for our son.

Right now I’m just using easel trying to figure things out. Hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll have VCarve desktop.

Yep. I’m seeing that as I wonder through a bunch of posts here! Just saw about halftone, f-carve, and some other program. All this Gcode stuff blows my mind right now.