Has anyone made a custom cribbage board?

I am very interested in making custom cribbage boards. Is the x-carve capable and has anyone done this? I don’t have my x-carve yet but would like to make them when I get some experience with the machine.

A member of a woodworking forum I’m on frequently has been doing custom cribbage boards. You can contact him on Family Woodworking or possibly on his personal website, Burro Viejo Woodworking We have a CNC sub-forum on FWW, if you’d like to join us over there.

I was thinking of this the other day. The X-Carve should be more than capable of creating these boards.

The man I mentioned has made several custom cribbage boards on his SO2, which is virtually identical to X-Carve.

feel free to ask, that’s how we learn.

That one looks awesome. I was thinking something a little simpler for my first try though, once I get some experience with some simpler projects. Maybe an oval shape board with family names in the center.

A busy life and pretty much just “for sale” items when I get the time has derailed me from making these. Still something always on my mind though. Any updates or has anyone here made a cribbage board recently?

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