Height of clearance of the xcarve

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I am looking at carving tree trunks

If I wanted to increase the height clearance of the z clearance, from say 65mm to 115mm ( a 50mm increase) 2" increase, is it a simple procedure to make new end plates and raise the x and y rails up 50mm.

Would the extra height cause a concern or twist the frame to much.

I would assume that I would have to slow the feed rate down and maybe the cut depth to compensate the torque.
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I tried to search but couldn’t find a suitable answer

I raised mine 2 inches by cutting new end plates out of 1/4" aluminum. I saw no loss in rigidity. I also added a 2nd makerslide to my y-axis.

Look at this thread: End Plates (Erik Jenkins)

Edit: this thread shows some pics of the raised axis better. My Journey to a Rotary Axis on the X-Carve

Thank you so much Erik Jenkins

I must have been using the wrong words to search


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There is actually a thread somewhere, that covers that exact topic. I did a few searches but can’t seem to find it again. (I found it originally by accident).

It talked about different ways to mount logs to cut faces in them. Quite cool actually.

Good luck.

I remember a post where they cut a hole in the center of the waste board and used a vise like clamp (some work tables have them like this http://www.sears.com/craftsman-quick-clamping-work-table/p-00965857000P#Imagezoom ) and he let the logs hang there as he cnc on the top.
Do not remember what the post was called.

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That’s the one @ErikJenkins

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