Idea for wasteboard engraving

Hey guys just a quick idea. I think many people are going to be making their wasteboards at home. I think you should provide the grid as a design inside of easel, so to engrave the grid onto the board all we have to do is log into easel, select the grid design and it will engrave the grid into our wasteboards.

Hi @JamiePhillips,

Doing a quick search on this forum returns these threads already discussing this very thing. Here are a few of the ones that I’ve found helpful:

Update: adding the word spoilboard and spoil board just for searchability sake


I made my own wasteboard. Used the dimensions from their CAD file to cut to size. Used my router to cut the slots for the mounting screws. Hoping to use the xcarve on itself to drill its own holes for the threaded inserts and also create some kind of grid, possibly with a mounted sharpie. This took quite a while to make, but learned a lot in the process. This one will also serve as an excellent template for the next time I need to replace the wasteboard.

@ZacharySmeltzer nice could you post a picture so we can see how it turned out?

Sure thing. This was midway through the build, a couple nights ago. Best picture I had of the wasteboard. When the time comes for the next wasteboard, I won’t route the slots so deep, I probably went a quarter inch farther than they needed to be.

Edit, more recent photo:



Any updates?

Here’s my home made waste board, I did the same and used the router for the slots, then mounted it to the X-carve and had it drill the thru holes. Did a dry run to make sure it won’t hit the support underneath. Took it off the machine and installed the 1/4" threaded inserts from the bottom.



That’s awesome. So much better than having to try drilling straight lines with a hand drill. :wink: Did you do that in Easel?

I have a few missing items from my package, but I started building it last night. Hopefully they will ship the items to be overnight so I can get it finished tomorrow. I think I am going to make my wasteboard out of a nice piece of 3/4 poplar because I have someone on hand from making my x-carve table.