Inkscape Outline Help

I am very new with Inkscape and programs like it, but I was wondering if anyone could help point me in the direction of some instruction to teach me how to do what I want to do.

For example, I have a skyline silhouette that I want to use to make a carving. However, I just want the building shapes to cut out of the project, leaving the rest in tact.

This is the image I’m using for argument’s sake:

What I want to accomplish, is something like this:

Where the oval is, would be the original work piece, (I’m bad at drawing) but I want to just cut the skyline across the top of the material, not the oval underneath, and certainly not the square bottom of the original silhouette, otherwise it would detach from the original oval workpiece.

I hope I’m making sense here. Though, I probably am not.

Any pointers or tutorials to get just the top part of the cut traced out using Inkscape would be fantastic.

You could bring the first image into easel, then just combine an oval shape to it… and then a square/rectangle at 0" height to cover the part of the oval you want to hide

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something like this?

Found these on here:

Here is a quick video of what I think you’re trying to do in Inkscape

I read it quite literally “without the oval” and just the skyline being carved out; otherwise you still have a square bottom.

Or maybe this one…

Or maybe this third version…

Obviously you would want to break it up a bit to get the buildings far enough apart to carve between them with your available bits (if you want to do that).




Thanks Guys. This is all good info and getting me on track to where I want to be, I think. I’ll have to go through all of your advice and suggestions this evening after work. I really do appreciate it.