JUMANJI Board Replica Thread!

Hey guy’s I saw this posted on a CNC Facebook I am in and wanted to share it here to see if anyone else was interested! Anyways They posted a thingverse file to a Jumanji Board! Anyways it was originally created for a 3dprinter but I figure as a group we could work this out for the CNC! At first I wanted to try and make the entire board inside and outside, but I feel like it is wayy beyond my skill set. Anyways I plan to at least carve the top of it to make it look like the board game. Here is the files. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2410181

Still trying to decide what type of wood would be best to use. I’ll post pictures as I go and encourage anyone else to give it a shot and see how it goes!

If you don’t want to cut one you could always buy this CNCED Replica for 3000$ :stuck_out_tongue:


Ditto, it’s on my “long list”… I love the movie, and from the moment I saw it I wanted to repro the board, even before the cnc.

There’s a remake coming also, saw the preview last weekend.


That s another reason behind this. I never had a CNC and seeing the new trailer made me realise hey I have a CNC I can make one of these!

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I am game for assistance on any 3d edits.
I also have a 3d printer. :smiley:

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How do you guys figure we could make the inside? One solid board milled out or would it be easier to glue up and make a box.

It can be done in parts and assembled.
I noticed that on the page you posted there is a button at the bottom of the box.
I can help with the electronics if you want.
I also have old projector lenses too. They are dome shape and do not magnify too much. Would work well here.
magnets can be used to hold the lid in place as well.

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I also have some wood that would work great for this. mahogany
Even though what I have isn’t African mahogany it can be stained to look like it.
What I have is at least 100 years old. (I was told this by the guy I got it from)

I also have a bright LED about the same power or brighter. I have not used it for anything.
I have many other LEDs that were used for lighting that are really bright and are 3v each.
I use a few for my microscope.

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I was thinking that the dome lights up when the player hits a specific square unless one wants to use the button.
This can be done using a metal plate on the bottom of the player piece and a magnet in the box where a hall effect sensor is. I have already done this sort of thing before and have all the stuff for it. If interested I can show a mock up of this.


Electronics are my thing! Love wiring LEDS and different arduino projects! What your saying is pretty cool! I was thinking of casting the dome out of clear or green resin. Also check this out its pretty wicked!

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I did and I have 2 projector dome lenses. Not sure if they are the right size but we can size check.
Also I have tons of electronics and know a lot about programming the Arduino as well as most of the Atmel chip line. (Microchip bought out Atmel.)
I will get you some photos of what I have when I get home.
I have large mahogany boards that are nice and aged for this.
I will post some pics later tonight. I am not home right now so I can’t do much from here.


sounds good look forward to seeing it!

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Its good to brainstorm and see what ideas can be put in for the techniques. :smiley:

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actually they still do. But that is what finishing is for.

JUMANJI.pdf (212.1 KB)
JUMANJI.ai (212.1 KB)

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BOARD.ai (956.8 KB)
BOARD.pdf (955.2 KB)

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Strange I have the thread set to watch but I never got a notification of B.F’s posts…

Just stumbled on this…


Nice but he doesn’t have an X-carve :smiley:


Yea I can sculpt but I do not have the cash or the storage space for clay

I’ve seen grayscleimages at the rpf

3d print files, just stitch them together.