Monster Carve

King size bed 84 inches this is over 100 !

Good start of weekend for Monster build !
Asked my fried for help to drag around 90 pounds MDF boards. Took 3 boards to get what I needed I did not enjoy idea of loading 90 pounds boards on truck so I asked home depot drone to cut it for me. Sadly they did not disappoint and cuts were in 1/4 range of what I asked for. This will not effect much my build much except visually.
Took long hours of adjusting and measuring to drill things just right on the extrusion. But I’m happy with the results !

Per usual some pictures of build.

Countersink action

4 x 8 ply for scale

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I’m thinking monster is a bit heavy, bolts holding pullets for steel lkne that lifts it …


Love it.

Enjoying your thread. Keep it coming.

First Carve !

Also for scale 1000mm xvarve board.


Bit ruff on the edges but I’m happy for the first run.

Which belt you used for the X and Y axles? GT2 belt or did you chose something else.

I’m thinking of building the same size as you, but shorter X axle (about 1500mm). Here in Europe I can buy MakerSide up to 6000mm in lenght. So that the Y axis, can be in on piece.

Nice work, can’t wait to see more videos

I left same belts for now but they in fact feel inadequate when I was calibrating machine. I ended up ordering 9mm belts and I have pulleys and idlers waiting. Sadly with lengths I need I had to hit china directly not to pay fortune for them, that said there is chinese new year and I looks like I will not see my belts to swap for for weeks still.
I did search low and high for 15mm GT2 belts and I had hard time finding any. There is always option to go to GT3 15mm belts but from what I understand this might introduce more backslash.

6000 mm lol that is crazy does it take some special freight delivery ? I can’t imagine mail man carrying this around.

Love the monster X-Carve…

… but being the devils advocate… wouldn’t a ‘Crawlbot’ (google it) be cheaper & easier to store yet still cut a full 4’x8’ sheet?

Don’t get me wrong… i cant wait to see more photos/videos of this thing :smile:

Have not seen that one very cool idea ! totally crossed my mind to just use stock as frame of the unit. If my search is right this thing is 4k, my project is nowhere near that mark yet.
For me it is more of an adventure right now that started with X carve.
X carve was my first cnc I assembled and in effect understood it in process very well. While working on multiple projects and tweaking x carve you start to think a lot of improving it further. Than it was just the gifted aluminum extrusions I got that put things in motion.

What about two X-carves back to back providing two cutters for one sheet of wood?

There’s a shop in Germany, who sells MakerSlide.

He also sells MakerSlide Max, profile with dimensions of 60x40 mm.

I was thinking of using HTD-3M belt widht 9mm for my built. Can somebody tell me, if this is better than GT2 6mm, used by X-Carve.

This will be my first time building something like this:-)

Another thing that crossed my mind ! You could have multiple X axis riding on same rails even using same belts, would just take some changes to gcoding to not have them colide. Different bits on both yay could even do router on one and laser on the other.

I’m new myself to most of this. I just went with the info on shapeoko wiki about belts

To cold for garage work so I did some upgrades in house today.

My take on stiffening mod. I messed up some holes but it does not appear to effect anything except visuals.

Since I’m using full size wheels I had to trim T shape at 45 degrees in order to fit them.
I also had few sections of 1/8 by 1 inch home depot stock lying around so I used them on sides. That saved me trouble of having to cut furniture bolts.

I also replaced iders and pulleys to 9mm and working on figuring out some temporary belt clips before I can use machine to make replacement
Something worth noticing, 9mm idlers have much taller colar on the side and it is forcing idlers to ride on flat surface of the extrusion. This will make 9mm incompatible with 30min stiffening mod.

Other day I did small prototype of something I call reactive armor. The idea is to use 12x12 MDF squares with nylon blots to be used as main layer for waste board. Between them I adding U shape sections for hold downs. I hope that will allow me to just make replacement “armor plates” ononster Carve as I need them. Down side is I got to make 36 of them with 4 nylon nuts and bolts on each.

Some more progress as the project is reaching its conclusion any day. I did some work last night cutting more waste board “armor plates” while I’m working on dialing and organizing things. So far the usual issues, nothing I did not expect or was not able to overcome.
Also got done with RyanGarone 3d printed dust shoe. 3d printed carbon fiber dwp611 dust shoe 2.0
Found the 3dhubs guy in my area that print for me. I love this thing it is designed so well it truly feels like commercial product.

Random video of monster action, using some wood clamps to hold down MDF for now. Can’t wait to finish them all so I can use leveling bit I got for waste board from china.

Few pics of test fit on hold downs.

I have seen them but I’m not quite sure on the benefit also the added cost with all the intersections would be massive :frowning:
I will just cut them 36 inch sections that I got from amazon for 10$ each shipped and leave intersections open to insert the bolt from.

Yeah the price of the intersection pieces is too high in my opinion. I would use my chopsaw and cut my own from longer pieces.

Dude! That is sweet. Proud to see my shoe on there! Glad it’s working out for you!

Its working great but I have to admit it crossed my mind to cut the bottom part in half for easier access to bit while finding 0. I have feeling with strength of magnets it will work fine to per each half.