Monster Carve

Did some more work this weekend. Some issues came up but nothing I can’t correct so far. Sadly I got to replace one pulley as it slid off a bit and I can’t remove it for some reason. I hope I don’t destroy the motor in the process !
Hold-downs stand so high sadly it looks like I will have to trim or replace the bolts or I will ram my X axis into them. I got to say it was a lot of fun to drill 3 counter sink holes into 12 inch sections of rail using regular bits, not something I’m looking forward to do again anytime soon. Another thing I had to change was the nylon screws for “armor plates”, overall I did not feel like they felts strong enough and I broke few of them while installing, decided to use regular screws and I hope not to ram any of my bits into them.
In other news, the lift that folds the table still works but makes me nervous like hell ! this thing is so insanely heavy it would kill whatever walks under it if it snaps. I keep thinking of adding some more bracing to wall all around to make me feel more comfortable around the monster.
Per usual some more pictures of the build, I hope someone gets some out of it…

I almost forgot … just for kicks while working on few more MDF plates I decided to push things a bit. Video of cut at 200 in/min at .15in pass with 1/4 burr bit.
It did fine and looks like it can go even faster when I actually calibrate and level the monster.

@AngusMcleod - I have and they work great.I’ve got about 100# sliding by hand on 1.5" extrusions.

@Deepnoizer this build is awesome. I love working with 8020 extrusions - so jealous of big projects with it like this. :slight_smile:

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OMG that speed of feed !!! °,° awsome !


hey man would you mind sharing the total cost all in for creating that machine?

and have you had an problems with the belts? are they 6mm or 9mm?

I’ll try to crunch some numbers tomorrow. Just keep in mind I’m not done yet so I can’t quite declare success yet !

true true thanks

I am looking at one of these i am about 10,000 all in just weighing my options

Hehe I did plenty of window shopping at cncparts myself and while it is most affordable option out there for this size, for me out of hobby range for sure.


yeah well i kinda quit my job the other day so I better go big or go home lol turn that hobby into a way of life but yeah they have good stuff on there for sure

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I will skip the cost of folding mechanism as this is very much depends on your setup. I will also skip all optional upgrades like 9mm belting, stiffening and x controller and my choice of hold downs.

So here is what I got of major parts .:

Maker slide:
Inventables 1800mm 34.72$ x4
Inventables 1000mm 20.93$ x2

MakerFoot 59.00$ x1

1530_Lite 1.5x3.0 73 inch 63.13$ x7

1530_Lite 1.5x1.5 30.03$ x5

Diagonal Supports 160mm 19.40$ x4 (or 12)

Bolt Assembly (3320) 0.60$ x200

Corner Plates (4351) 7.10$ x4

T Plates (4340) 7.80$ x4

Cross Plates (4335) 11.15$ x6

30mm Drag Chain 10,96$ x3

16/4 awg Shielded Wire (75feet) 22.85$ x3

3 Sheets of 4x8 ply for surface 30.00 x3 90.00

My total of the mentioned parts comes out to 1336.37$
I would probably consider another 200$ for parts I can’t think of now and I had on hand.

Things to consider

  • This is upgrade that scavenged 1000mm kit
  • You must stiffen X axis, this is out of question.
  • I strongly recommend going with thicker wheels than what comes with X carve
  • Have reliable way of cutting aluminum and rig to drill straight holes (miter saw and drill press)
  • 6mm belting feels inadequate, search forums for 9mm parts list to upgrade, I also added bolts on both sides of each makerslide for tension as it is much more work to do it on such long distances.

(I’m sure ill think of more things at some point)

I had issues with L shape alu clearing my side hold downs bolt after debating different complicated builds my neuron network fired up and I replaced whole support system with 2 strategic cable ties lol


oh thats not to bad for everything mentioned and building a small 4x8 machine

when you where looking at building this macine did you ever consider getting away from the belt drive and going to a gear or screw system?

I guess my biggest question is what cant your machine do versus one like this

Yes very much so and I still am. Another option is to go with steel v rail and steel wheels. I have seen shapeoko builds using this guys stuff:
To my understanding screw system is not viable option on distances greater than 1000mm.

Gear stuff is amazing and I think down the road I’m already thinking about replacing entire X axis with tall lets say 6 inch extrusion from 8020 and cncrouter parts pinions but for that I want to make my own end plates all around and I need reliable cnc for that first.

Another good inspiration should be for you this build:

You can see their build process how the replaced every shapeoko component with the best options they could get:

To answer your question what it can do vs cncrouterparts kit? Their kit will be superior in every single aspect except price that is beyond any doubt or speculation lol

Took months of work and I have to admit I enjoyed building CNC as much as I enjoy cutting things with it. I wish I had enough disposable income to keep building different ones.

Overall I consider the project great success as it hit all the marks I was aiming for. That includes precision, cost, speed and few other secondary factors like ability to fold it away If I need to use my garage for anything else.

Following is video of me cutting first flat packed chairs from opedesk .:

Used this amazing down cut bit. I hope it lasts me long, best one I ever used, I also cut myself rly bad when installing it :frowning:

Few pictures of not so finished products/:slightly_smiling:

Future planes:

  • Optical limit switches, I already have them, just need to figure out how to power them.
  • Much bigger Y plates allowing more wheels and taller larger X axis extrusion.
  • X/Y Axist plates to accommodate larger and taller extrusion.
  • Larger nema motors with bit more holding torque. (should be easy drop-in upgrade for x-controller)
  • Touch plate, already have one just need to wire it and figure out G-code.
  • Reinforce wall of garage for the lift, current setup makes me very uncomfortable.
  • Larger spindle.

How did you know what size to size that chair too? I downloaded the plans and the dxf open up to like 3000 inches in Aspire. I did not see any real size to size it too?

Just trip it of all the scrap like text. Than try to resize X to 47 inches and if aspect ratio lock keeps Y at 96 you know you will be good. Just watch out with the chair, size of openings is very off in their drawings and I did good hour of manual cleanup and also converted it to .70 ply.

I put it in Corel Draw and and got the scale to work - If i do it I will have to scale it to fit whatever thickness material i use is anyway… This is set at .598 opening right now

Where exactly did you find the plans, I went hunting but couldn’t find a download link…

but ? in this website we can juste “buy” the chair ?

Click on the Download tab and you’ll see the option to download the files on the right hand side. Just needs an email address.

I really need to open my eyes … thx dude…