Patterned Rolling Pin: How to Make?

Saw this on Amazon:
Patterned Rolling Pin with Cat Design

Wondered what mods would be necessary to get a rotational axis and whether anyone has tried something like that?

4th axis would be the “easiest”

a cheap quick way (in theory) would be to make a jig, cut, rotate, cut, rotate. and continue until done. It would be more involved but it would work.

Been done here - but I can’t find it. I believe @ErikJenkins had success. It is on my to do list because I have a system designed for a 4th axis. A quick search for 4th axis on this forum will put you on the right track. There are a few people having pretty amazing results.

Here are my upgrades to a rotary axis:

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That is intrepid as hell.

My thing is reproductions of antiquities;
This looks like it would really enable full head sculpture reproductions well.

I have a stock non-upgraded x-carve 1000mm.
I assume I could use that to start the process by cutting the Y-Axis end plates.
did you by chance save the plans for those anywhere?

Did you stiffen the x-axis gantry when you did this, or leave it stock?

really impressive.
thanks for being an inspiration today.

I drilled the X-Axis and installed the steel bar stiffening mod, but I did that not long after I first got my X-Carve.

I will post the files for the taller Y-Axis plates…it might be a day or so…I did them in V-Carve.

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I’m building a component spreadsheet and it looks like is down.
Do you know if Dan has stopped doing this? EBay store appears empty as well…
If they are not available, any ideas where I could buy an equivalent?

Not sure, I had exchanged email with Dan a couple of months ago, I’ll send him one and see if he is still making the controllers.

Here are the taller endplate files and the Y-Axis supports in V-Carve format:

Y-Axis Supports.crv (1.7 MB)
Tall End Plates.crv (2.8 MB)

That is so helpful.

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